Ribbon Necklace

I’ve fallen head over heels with ribbon necklaces!  Had I known how easy they were to make, I’d have been making them a long time ago.
supply list
. Wide Decorative Ribbon
. Narrow Ribbon (I used Baker’s Twine)
. Polymer Clay
. Jewelry Clasps
. Jewelry 2″ Eye Pins
The polymer clays I choose were so simple.  I pulled off small chunks and rolled them into balls with my hands.  Here is the basic layout I decided upon.
My clay required the oven at 275F for thirty minutes.  Be sure before you bake your beads  that you have “pre-holed” them.  That’s my technical term for make sure you’ve added a hole to eventually hang your beads with.
After the beads had cooled, I pushed the 2″ eye pins through and using jewelry pliers made a very small loop at the bottom to keep the beads from falling off.
Once all you beads are on the 2″ eye pins, you can add the ribbons!  I tied one end of my decorative ribbon and my baker’s twine to the jewelry clasps.  This creates the necklace shape.
I just love the ribbon look in the back.


Well, I’m ready to start cranking these beauties out in every color now!  What’s your favorite color combination?

29 thoughts on “Ribbon Necklace

  1. this is super cute, i especially love the turquoise amy! if you’ve seen my necklaces they’re turquoise!

    hey thanks for sharing this over at The DIY’ers! huggies♥

  2. I love the way the beads hang, and the colours you chose. I’m thinking about what old beads are in my bead tub now (never knowingly throw something potentially useful away!) I would probably go for something really bright, like pink and orange, or a bright neon with a really natural colour (I seem to be really into bright and grey or beige at the moment)

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