Evergreen Hanging Hoop

INSIDE : Learn how to create a simple Evergreen Hanging Hoop using an embroidery hoop, pinecones, pine branch and baker’s twine!

Holiday Evergreen Hoop

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Happy, theFriday before Christmas, friends!  I sat at our dining room table eating lunch with my kiddos yesterday.  I looked up at my pin wheel wall and realized one of my favorite DIYS had yet to be shared.  So before I take a little holiday break, I am excited to be sharing my Evergreen Hanging Hoop with you all.

Last week I shared my other embroidery hoop project, Embroidery Hoop Christmas Decor.  Today I am sharing it’s counter part, a little less dainty and a little more rustic mod.

What supplies do I need to make an Evergreen Hanging Hoop?

Baker’s Twine
6″ Diameter Embroidery Hoop
Pine Cones
Small Evergreen Branch
Hot Glue

Evergreen Hanging Hoop supplies

How do I make an Evergreen Hanging Hoop for the Holidays?

I went in the front yard and cut a small curved branch from our pine tree.  Next, I wrapped about a third of the branch with mint baker’s twine and added a dot of glue to secure.

Evergreen Hanging Hoop yarn wrap branch

Using a hot glue gun, I secured the branch to the embroidery hoop.  If your branch is heavy, you might need to wrap a small section with twine, but mine held just fine.

Evergreen Hanging Hoop branch

I added a few pinecones to the hoop, as well.

Evergreen Hanging Hoop pinecones
Evergreen Hanging Hoop Wall decor

I love the simple rustic feel this embroidery hoop has.  I’ve since added it to my pin wheel wall which you can see in my Merry Christmas Home Tour.

Evergreen Hanging Hoop decor

I have a few posts scheduled to go live next week, but today is my official last day until the new year.  Thank you more than you know for a wonderful blogger year!  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!!

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