How to Decorate for a Colorful Christmas Party

INSIDE : Learn 5 simple tips on How to decorate for a Colorful Christmas Party this holiday season.

Colorful Christmas Party

Winter is here in full force and for many of us that means many fun events with friends and family.  Whether it is an evening dinner party, a cookie exchange party or a gingerbread house decorating party, holiday parties are big this month.

There is something invigorating to me about planning a party and when I saw Glade’s festive fuchsia Under the Mistletoe candle, I knew a party had to be made!  Today I am sharing a few tips on How to Decorate for a Colorful Christmas Party.

Tips for Decorating for a Colorful Christmas Party:

1. Color

The first thing to decide upon when planning your Christmas party is the theme or color palette for the night.

As I mentioned, as soon as I saw this festive Under the Mistletoe candle color, I knew that a fragrant fuchsia would be my main pop of color.   I wanted to mix a few shades of emerald green with black and gold, as well.

Christmas Party table

2. Party Timeframe

The next step for planning your party, is deciding if you want to do something in the evening with a dress code or something a little more kid friendly during the afternoon?  The reason for the party or gathering, often dictates the decor and ambiance.

For this party, I decided upon a late afternoon get together with a few of my mom friends and their kiddos.  So, with that in mind I knew casual and colorful would be perfect choices for the decor!

Colorful Christmas Party plate setting

3. Shop your home for decor and party supplies.

Next open up your cupboards, cabinets and any other place that you store your decorative napkins, holiday scented candles, tablecloths and dinnerware.  Take inventory of what you currently have to work with.

I’m always surprised when I realize I have a party all ready to go after just using my imagination a little bit.

Colorful Christmas Party setup

Colorful Christmas Party decor

Start pulling out ribbons, tablecloths and napkins as these are the “rug and curtain” basics of a party.  These items will be the base that you start to build your party ambiance around.

I grabbed a few festive paper pinwheels which I had already on hand.  They created a perfect backdrop for my party.  I also had previously made the black polka dot craft paper table runner.

Christmas Party layout

4. Decide on lighting

After those basics are put in place, it’s time to think about lighting –  which always sets the mood for a party.

Personally, I don’t think there is such a thing as having too many candles.  The more votives, pillars, tapers and tea lights, the better.  However, it is important to stick with just one scent, too many fragrances can become overwhelming.

Colorful Christmas Party candle bells

For this party, I choose to highlight Glade’s Under the Mistletoe candle, which lucky for me is a Target-exclusive!  Having just a few of these candles burning during the party gave off the most magical aroma, the scent of bright holly berries and fresh pine garland.

It was a perfect welcome when my guests arrived to start celebrating the holidays!

Colorful Christmas Party candle,

5. Plan your music for the party

As the holiday’s near, I’d like to encourage you to download Kevin Ross’ free “This is My Wish” holiday song inspired by Glade’s fragrant candles!  I sing along to it every time the commercial comes on the television.

Kevin Ross Image #1 copy

Glade scents bring the most beautiful feelings to life. This year, they are partnering with artists to convey the emotional power of scent through artistic expression, inspiring people to #FeelGlade.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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