Simple DIY Christmas Craft ideas

Each year, I love bringing new colors or styles into my Christmas decor and simple crafts are a great and inexpensive way to do that.  As I mentioned during my Christmas Home Tour, I do lots of spray painting of old decor I have to bring new life into items I’d otherwise maybe set aside.  Today I am sharing a roundup of twelve of my favorite Simple DIY Christmas Craft ideas from this holiday season!

Twelve Simple DIY Christmas Craft ideas,

Ready for all the ideas?  Here we go!

I used a simple embroidery hoop to create this fun Embroidery Hoop Christmas Decor.

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Decor,

I shared tips on decorating for a Colorful Christmas Party with Glade candles.

How to decorate for a Colorful Christmas Party,

I gathered up FREE Holiday Fonts cuz I’m a font lover.

holiday fonts,

No more paper photo cards from my this year with my Fabric Newsletter Ornaments!

Fabric Newsletter Ornament,

I got my gift wrapping on with Brown Paper packages.

Brown Paper Package,“”

I created a vase to display my winter greenery with my Winter Lady.

Christmas Entry Table Winter Lady,

I shared a very special Spritz Cookie Christmas Tradition.

Cookies Christmas Traditions,

I made a wreath using only spoons on my Spoon Holiday Wreath.

Spoon Holiday Wreath,

I created a fun Merry Little Christmas printable.

Merry Little Christmas Now,

I opened the doors and shared my Christmas Home Tour while sharing how to keep your decor updated on a budget.

Christmas Wall Decor,

I gave details on how to hand paint a 4′ Christmas tree wall hanging.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging,

And lastly, I took a $4 thrift store find and made a Rustic Christmas Tree!

Rustic Christmas Tree,

Phew, I’ve been a busy a gal this Christmas season!

I hope you’ve been inspired to get out your craft supplies and create some special memories.

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