Albuquerque The Magazine + August Calendar Update

Today’s post is a little fun and a little biz.  First the fun, because it is Fri-yay!

About a month and a half ago, I was contacted by our local city magazine, ‘Albuquerque The Magazine’.  They asked to feature me in a roundup of The COOLEST DIY Decorating Tips from the City’s Craftiest Bloggers and I said a happy – Yes, please!

ABQ the Mag Delineate Your Dwelling

They asked I submit a fun DIY from my Office + Guest Room, so I shared how to create my Chalkboard Tree Stump project.

A photographer came over to the house to snap a few pictures of me creating the chalkboard.  I will admit, I was nervous.  Suddenly, I was cleaning the entire house, pulling weeds in the front yard, finishing up projects in my bedroom, etc.  Mind you, he was just going to take a few pictures of me painting on the chalkboard and that was all… but I’m not normally in FRONT of the camera and I was on a panic mission to clean our entire home and pronto!

The night before I tried on probably four outfits and text pictures to my sis for her outfit opinion.  She’s way better at style than me (Have you checked out her biz Inspired Interiors, yes interior style is especially her thing.)

The morning of the photo shoot, I shared my nervous little toes on Insta.

ABQ the Mag nerves

Albuquerque The Magazine sent over a great photographer named James and he did his best to put me at ease, but…

ABQ the Mag photographer

As I was crafting and nervously chatting away…. I totally messed up the project and painted gold where white was supposed to be.  Then my gold foil pen ran out of paint.  #craftfail  So in the end, he took a few closeups of my hands and then we just photographed the final chalkboard tree stump to look like I was painting it.

ABQ the Mag pic

In the end, I’m definitely a little deer-in-the-head-lights face, but that’s okay and it was fun to get a little local love!  Plus, suddenly all my neighbors are just realizing (after two years of blogging) that I’m a craft blogger.  Thanks ABQ the Mag!!

Here I am with a real smile, much better.

ABQ the Mag Delineate Your Dwelling me

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  1. That’s so fun, Amy! I would have totally gone and cleaned everything!

    Congrats, girl!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thanks girl!!

  2. Congrats on your feature Amy! I thought your picture was adorable! I was nervous too and did the same thing where I freaked out about my house and cleaned like crazy the day before. Love your calendar too! Happy weekend!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Oh, you’re too kind Sharon! Funny how we all frantically needed to clean our houses, ha! Have a great weekend.

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