Easy Painted Wooden Bracelet

Who out there loves simple statement jewelry?  I bet that I am not alone in this.  When I saw this gorgeously simple wooden bracelet at Hobby Lobby, I snatched it up in a second!  I knew with a few strokes of my paint brush, I could turn this into a perfect statement piece.  Today I’m sharing my Easy Painted Wooden Bracelet.

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supply listWooden bracelet or this one
Patterning Tape
Acrylic Paint
Gold Foil Paint

Painted Wooden Bracalet supplies

For this project, I wanted a very simple pattern but many pops of color.  I divided the bracelet into three sections with the tape.  Then, it was as simple as a few coats of each color.

Painted Wooden Bracalet steps

While the paint is still slightly damp, remove the tape.  This will allow for sharp clean lines.  Then, I painted the inside of the bracelet with my favorite go-to gold foil paint.  I did three coats of paint to really get a nice solid gold shimmer.

Wooden Bracelet final
Lastly, I sprayed the bracelet with a matte finishing coat of spray paint.  This helps with any future chipping concerns.

Painted Wooden Bracelet final
I am so thrilled with how this wooden bracelet turned out.  Easy, simple and stylish… three of my favorite things!

Painted Wooden Bracelet done

Simple Painted Wooden Bracelet, Delineateyourdwelling.com


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22 thoughts on “Easy Painted Wooden Bracelet

  1. I have an almost identical bracelet that I’ve been saving to do some sort of makeover on for over a year now! I think it came in a set with some metal chunky bangles. I was toying with the idea of half dipping it in some sort of metal paint, I’ve considered wrapping it with thread, or haberdashery trim. I’ve got so many options I’ve ended up doing nothing with it! I love the simplicity of this idea and now I’m just thinking why don’t I buy some more and try out all my ideas, including something like this!

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