Thanksgiving Menu Iron On Tote Bag

I feel like the last few days, fall has really begun to show itself and I’m loving it.  We have been taking daily walks to collect and admire the gorgeously colored leaves.  Fall is certainly here and that means Thanksgiving is almost here, too!  I am so excited to share this collaborative project with you all today.  I had the honor of working with my friend, Janna from Janna Wilson on a stunning hand lettered Thanksgiving Menu Iron on Tote Bag.

If you are here from Janna’s site, then welcome!  We met each other last summer at Alt Summit and I instantly fell in love with her down to earth, sweet southern spirit.  It was only after chatting all evening, that I went to visit her website and my mouth dropped to the floor… this girl has some serious calligraphy and hand lettering skills!  Be sure to read to the bottom of the post where I’ll be linking to where you can download her hand lettering files.

Thanksgiving Menu Iron On Tote,

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supply listTOTE:
Canvas Tote Bag  /  *Iron On Transfer paper  /  Scissors  /  Iron

Gray Leather  /  Fabric Scissors  /  *Fabric Fusion /  Stapler  /  Gold Keychain ring  /  *Gold Leafing Paint

Thanksgiving Menu Iron On Tote supplies
First, download the lovely Thanksgiving Menu files from Janna’s site (link at bottom).  We are offering them in a blue, gold and orange color option.  Load the *Iron On Transfer paper into your INKJET printer.  Note, this only works on an Inkjet.  The files will come with the text already flipped, so you can just push print.

Once printed, cut out the design leaving just a little white border.  Follow the directions per your Iron Transfer paper.  After it’s been adequately ironed, allow to cool for 2 minutes and then remove the paper backing.

Thanksgiving Menu Iron On Tote steps
Next, I made a super easy and chic leather tassel to add to my tote.  I cut a piece of gray leather to about 12″ x 5″ using sewing scissors.  Flip over and draw a straight line across the back of your leather to mark how far to cut fringe on the leather.  Some people measure out the exact cut lines, but I just eye balled my cuts and it turned out fine.

If you want to add a little gold foil pop to your tassel, turn the leather back over and apply a piece of painter’s tape across the length of the fringe.  Press firmly on the edge, so no paint sneaks underneath.  Apply two coats of your *Gold Leafing Paint and then remove the tape while wet.  Allow paint to dry completely.

Thanksgiving Menu tassel steps
Once paint is dry, it’s time to put your tassel together!

Cut a narrow piece of leather and fold it over your keychain, using a staple to hold it together.  Next, apply a thin line of fabric fusion glue along the length of your leather.

Slowly start to roll your leather keychain strip around the leather tassel.  Once you get to the end, add just one more dab of fabric fusion to hold and put a hair tie or rubber around until dry.  I let mine dry overnight.

Thanksgiving Menu tassel steps2
Once, the tote is completed and your tassel is completed, it’s time to fill that baby up with some Thanksgiving ingredients!

Thanksgiving Menu tote
And a little sidenote, this is Janna’s ACTUAL Thanksgiving menu… so you can find me down in the South visiting her family this year!!! #yum

Thanksgiving Menu totes

I am completely smitten with these bags and ended up making three in total, one of each color!

Thanksgiving Menu Iron On Totes,
> > > To download these gorgeous files for free, head over to Janna Wilson and make sure to give her a big Delineate Your Dwelling hello from me! < < <

Thanksgiving Menu files

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    1. Thanks Meredith! It was such a fun project to collaborate with Janna on… she has such talent, I’m so glad you’re heading her way! =)

    1. YOU lady!!! This was such a fun collaboration. Thank you again for contacting me, I hope you see some traffic from it.

    1. Oh my gosh, is it Daylight Savings already??! Haha. Glad I found out in a blog comment, ha. And thanks for the tote love, I love collaborating with other creatives!

    1. Thanks, Katie! I’m kind of loving these and it was so fun to work with a friend on a project even though long distance!

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