How to create Easy Painted Luggage

Last summer, I went to a local thrift shop and bought two pieces of luggage for $1.50 each.  The first one I made into a Memory Box for my son and the other one has sat unloved all this time.  Today I am sharing How to create Easy Painted Luggage as my third 12 Months of Martha project.

Easy Painted Luggage,
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supply list
Martha Stewart Vintage Paint, Cantaloupe
Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint, Terra Cotta
Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Daisy Petal Stencil
Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint Brush
Martha Stewart Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint
Thrift Store suitcase

Easy Painted Luggage supplies
I have never used Martha’s Vintage Decor paints before and I know it’s “just paint” but wow, I loved it.  I couldn’t believe how thick and creamy the texture was.

Easy Painted Luggage steps
I was surprised that covering the entire suitcase only took two coats.  Good product, Martha!  Also, the brush was so much better to use for such a thick paint than a typical brush.

Easy Painted Luggage paint
After the paint had dried, I taped on my stencil.

Easy Painted Luggage stencil

Easy Painted Luggage stencils
Who ever said you have to use the entire stencil design?  I used the petal stencil in different colors (terra cotta + gold) and then added one last row in a bright pink.

Easy Painted Luggage done,

Easy Painted Luggage travel

create Easy Painted Luggage

I keep going back and forth on whether I will actually use the luggage or if it will become a fun storage item.  What would you use it for?


Easy Painted Luggage pin,
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27 thoughts on “How to create Easy Painted Luggage

    1. Great question, Cheryl. I didn’t do anything special at all to the luggage to prep it for painting. Since it was so old, I did take a damp paper towel to lightly clean off dirt. The Martha Stewart paint I used is like a chalk/matte paint and goes on very thick. It was perfect for this project and has held up remarkably well. My kids use this to contain dressup clothes so it’s gets a LOT of use and no chipped paint yet! Good luck.

    1. You certainly could tape off the hardware, but I’ll be honest for this project I did not. The hardware was fairly big and I just used a smaller brush when I got closer to painting around it. Thanks for asking, Pam!

  1. OMG Love! I painted my train case this weekend too! Love the results, should have done it sooner. I tore out the inside and painted that also. Chalky finish paint in pure white and Paris gray <3

  2. OH my gosh I have this same suitcase in dingy off white and have kept it hoping to paint it but never have. Then I just put it aside for a yard sale but now you are making me reconsider! It looks amazing!

  3. It’s lovely, what a great transformation. I wouldn’t want to be taking this through the airport though, I was watching a video on FB just the other day that is doing the rounds again showing how they chuck our suitcases around with no care at all! Much better to use this for journeys by car maybe when you can be careful yourself or for pretty storage.

    1. A very good point, Julie! My luggage always comes back hugely scuffed after taking an airplane trip. My daughter has already claimed this as “pretty storage” for her room – ha.

  4. I would love to know in the future if the paint holds up to use as a suitcase. My daughter is going to college and a cute suitcase/storage would be so fun!I would be more apt to use Martha paint if it does hold up.
    Or do you have a tip of what paint or top coat would help keep it looking nice?

    1. Kathy, so far so good on the paint holding up… but it’s only been a week or so. I’ve not used the luggage too much yet. However, I know you could spray it with a clear protective spray to keep from any dings or chips. And I was really impressed with the thickness of Martha’s Vintage Decor paint. I would highly recommend for something like this over a normal acrylic, which would take so so many coats to cover.

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