West Elm knock-off bag

I love West Elm.  I big time heart West Elm.  If I had to pick one single store to literally bring my toothbrush and move in, it would be West Elm.  
Today I will be sharing how you can create this West Elm Shoulder Bag for a fraction of the cost!
Here is my inspiration bag, the Baggu Dipped Tote in gold.  It comes in at a price of Forty five dollars.  I did a little photoshop action and added my knock off Canvas Shoulder Bag for a side by side comparison.  My bag came in at a total of Eight dollars.
The first order of business was purchasing your canvas tote.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby and there are a ton of options as to what type or style of bag you can select.  I went for simple with no frills.
I then took masking tape (I can’t locate our painter’s tape to save my life) and started blocking out the stripe pattern.  I started at the middle bottom and worked my way up.  Leave the strap as is.

I used my black acrylic paint and added some (affiliate link) acrylic fabric paint medium as per the directions said.  I slowly started filling in the blank spaces.

After about an hour, I removed the masking tape.  Phew, what a lovely surprise so far.
Next, I wanted to mimic the black stripes along the West Elm bag handles but didn’t want to paint them.  I was worried even with using acrylic fabric paint medium that the paint would bleed onto the shoulders of my clothing.  So, I grabbed some black ribbon and sewed them are fairly regular intervals.

I cut the ribbon to be wider than the strap and then after they were all sewn on, cut them down to size.

To get the gold color, I tried a new product called (affiliate link) Stencil Spray Fabric Paint, Gold Glimmer.  I wrapped the entire bag in a plastic bag and taped down the edges just at the edge of the last black stripe.   I could not have been more pleased with the color.  It took two quick swipes and was the perfect shimmery gold.

Have you attempted a West Elm knock off project?  I can’t wait to start another!

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    OK – I pinned this idea when you first posted with ever intend to make a similiar one. In my true fashion, it has yet to get done. BUT I keep seeing this idea all over the blogworld! It has reinforced my desire to make one…I am makign a list and hitting Michaels tomorrow!!!

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    This is AMAZING! I love West Elm so much…including this bag. I also love the green stool you featured in this photo, haha. So glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    - Kate @ Toile + Thyme

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    thanks for joining up and linking at Take-A-Look Tuesday – – just wanted to give you a heads up that I featured you yesterday!!
    –Mandy, SugarBeeCrafts.com

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