Simple Painted Wooden Toys

INSIDE : Learn how to make Simple Painted Wooden Toys that you kids can help paint and then enjoy playing with! Make a painted dinosaur, lizard and heart wand.

Simple Painted Wooden Toys : Dinosaur, Lizard and Heart Wand
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I have been having such fun doing little crafts with my two kiddos.  The last few runs to Hobby Lobby have resulted with us buying a wooden toys for them.  This is hardly a DIY tutorial post, but more of a share on upping the fun factor of simple Painted Wooden toys.
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What supplies do you need to make wooden painted toys?

Wooden toys :
Dinosaur (similar)
Heart wandAcrylic Paint


Sponge Brushes
Gold Paint Pen
Table cloth
Paper Plate

How do you let kids create colorful wooden painted toys?

First, I covered our table with a plastic tablecloth and got out a bag of sponge brushes and two paper plates.

I gave my daughter pink, orange, purple and fuchsia acrylic paint and a sponge brush.

Simple Painted Wooden Toys, Delineate Your Dwelling
I then gave my son light blue, grass green, aqua acrylic paint and a sponge brush for his little lizard.
Simple Painted Wooden Toys, Delineate Your Dwelling
This dinosaur was from a previous paint day, but he only had aqua and light blue.
Simple Painted Wooden Toys, Delineate Your Dwelling

I let them go to town making quite a mess and adding tons of color.  However, if you give them a selection of colors that all go well together, even if they mix all the colors – you will still end up with a gorgeous painted item!

While they both briefly napped, I got out my handy dandy gold foil paint pen and had a little fun adding some shimmer and sparkle to their wooden toys.

Simple Painted Wooden Toys, Delineate Your Dwelling
The lizard and heart both received gold stripes.  The dinosaur received gold polka dots.
So simple, so fun, now totally chic… and the kids loved it.
Simple Painted Wooden Toys, Delineate Your Dwelling

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