After loving plants, gardens and well designed city outdoor spaces for years, I naturally studied to become a landscape architect.  I practiced landscape architecture for eight years designing all types of outdoor spaces, from city parks and nature walks to designing sound walls along highways and being the lead designer for a 22 acre open space park. 

My love for plants, plant design and crafting with plants is next level guys.  HA.


Learn all about various types of trendy indoor house plants and they specific plant care, water needs and lighting requirements for each of them.

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Also, you talked and I listened!  You all are VERY interested in my Indoor Houseplant  care Ebook.  So, I worked really hard to gather all my plant information and a few new exclusive ones, along with worksheets and plant printables!  

Yay, get my Happy Houseplants eBook now!!

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It probably is not much of a surprise to see how often plant crafts and flower pots make it into my daily life, creative ideas and projects… I was a practicing landscape architect for 8 years!

So, if plant crafts is more your jam, then I have over 50+ projects that you will just love.  Head over to Plant Crafts to see more.