Interior Paint Sprayer HONEST review

INSIDE : See how the HomeRight Finish Max Extra Interior Paint Sprayer really worked in my home. I give my HONEST review, how easy it was to use and tips for interior sprayers.

Interior Paint Sprayer HONEST review

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Moving into a new home this past August has had me itching to paint every single wall.  Our home is very Southwest neutral, however the “neutral” color used throughout the entire home is driving my eyes bananas… it is SO CREAMY.  

Today I am doing something a little different than my typical craft or decor post, I’m going to talk about an Interior Paint Sprayer, and share my HONEST review of it.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer

My friend, Miranda, from Live Free Miranda moved into a new rental about the same time as we moved into our new home.  I watched along, on her Instagram stories as she whipped through painting her ENTIRE rental home, as I painted only one room in our house.  

Granted, the room I tackled was large, had very tall ceilings and about 100 small nichos (Southwest term for nooks).  But still, I could not believe how amazingly fast Miranda was going compared to me and it all seemed to be because of her Home Right sprayer.

How does a paint sprayer work indoors?

I was fairly skeptical.  I had visions of me using a can of spray paint inside my house and how that would never ever ever be a good thing.  But Miranda really loved hers, so I decided to give it a try.  My HomeRight Finish Max Extra sprayer arrived in October.  I excitedly opened the box, looked at all the parts and pieces and then set it aside  – scared to death to try it for the next 3 months.

Fast forward to this past Thursday.  I watched a few videos (this one was super helpful) and decided it was time to try out this crazy contraption in my office.  

How to prep for an interior paint sprayer?

To start off, I taped off all trim and the ceilings in my office using Frog tape.  Note, this is a step that I normally skip.  I was already feeling like this whole thing might not be worth my effort.  I’m kind of a free form wall painter, as in… I don’t like being precise and using painters tape is not my thing.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer step 1, Delineate Your Dwelling

After I had taped everything off and given all trim and the ceiling lines two coats with a small trim brush, it was time to start doing the rest of the wall.  I brought all the furniture in my office to the center of the room and covered it with plastic.  I also covered the carpet where I was working to prevent potential overspray.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer step 2, Delineate Your Dwelling

One thing that I REALLY liked about the HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra was that there was no need to thin the paint.  I poured directly from my paint can to the canister! You certainly can thin the paint, but it’s not required if you use the right nozzle.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer step 3

The manual guides you through deciding which nozzles and tips to use based on the type of paint you are using and what application are you using the paint on.  This particular model has a strong enough motor to paint small furniture projects but can also handle your outdoor deck!

How easy is an interior paint sprayer to use?

I started painting… or spraying, I guess I should say and – wow!  I could not believe how  easy it really was!  After all I read about it and I was still expecting to have paint flying in the air and to have no control on the wall as to exactly where the paint was going, but I could not have been more wrong.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer step 4

There are buttons to help control the flow and also how far away from the wall helps determine the spread of paint.  I kept the nozzle about 12″ away from the wall and really was thrilled with the tidy paint lines I was creating.  After doing a wall section doing back and forth lines (with just tiny overlaps), you could see a few areas I would need to go back over.  Once that area of the wall was dry (and it seemed to dry MUCH faster than if you had used a roller), I went back over but with vertical lines.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer step 5

So, I painted three walls of my office (I had previously rolled one wall and got tired and quit) including the taping + trim in 2.5 to 3 hours.  As in the room is completely 100% done.  I turned on the ceiling fan and let the walls dry dry for a few hours before putting all the furniture back, but I was shocked at how fast it all happened.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer step 6

How do you clean a HomeRight Super Finish Max?

When you are finished spraying a room, the HomeRight Super Finish Max is really simple to clean up.

  1. Start by either discarding or pouring back into the paint can any remaining paint in the canister. Rinse out the container of paint and fill it up with water.
  2. Twist the container back into place on the sprayer. Turn your sprayer back on and spray the water out.
  3. Unscrew the paint container and suction tube and rinse them well with water. Set aside to dry.
  4. Unscrew your nozzle and air cap and rinse as well.

And there is also a new HomeRight Rapid Clean Tool for cleaning their paint sprayers. This tool helps you to flush your sprayer and keep it clean and ready for the next project.

Honest Paint Sprayer thoughts

My honest thoughts on this particular paint sprayer is there is definitely more initial work to be done, and I hate taping off trim and ceilings, but once it is completed the painting portion goes very fast.  When it all comes down to using an interior paint sprayer vs. roller I may have to start siding with this paint sprayer!  Also, it is just fun to use.

I am happy to report the overspray in the room was actually so minimal I almost didn’t even need to cover things in plastic.  I would still recommend covering furniture and carpet just to be safe, but my worries of paint just flying through the air were completely not an issue.

My next room is tackle is our dining room and I will 100% be using this HomeRight Spray painter again as I believe this really is the best paint sprayer for interior walls.

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3 thoughts on “Interior Paint Sprayer HONEST review

  1. I tried today to paint a ceiling and it came out SO SLOW… Any thoughts as to what might cause that? When I rinsed it later, the water came out perfectly fine, so it’s not blocked. Do I need to thin, perhaps?

    1. You might need to thin the paint, yes. Some paints I think have primer and paint combined they get too think to easily go through the sprayer. My sprayer came with instructions on how to dilute the paint just enough. Good luck!

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