Homemade POP TART Recipes – WHAT!

Who can remember eating Pop Tarts as a child before heading out the door for the school bus?  My favorite were the Cinnamon and Sugar frosted Pop Tarts.  Although I wasn’t allowed to eat them often, they were such a treat when we did!  Have you started noticing Pop Tarts are “popping” up all over the place?  Today I am sharing an amazing roundup of Homemade POP Tart Recipes – WHAT!

Delicious and Creative Homemade Pop Tart Recipe roundup! Delineate Your Dwelling
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Confetti Cookie Dough
Confetti cookie dough pop tart

Nutella Pop Tart
nutella pop-tart2

Cookies n’ Cream Pop Tart Ice Cream sandwiches

Crochet Pop Tart Scarf

Giant Pop Tart Cake


Pop Tart in a Mug
pop tart-mug-biggerbolderbaking

StrawBerry Pop Tart Cake

Homemade Pop Tart

Giant Pop Tart Pie

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tart

Pop Tart Halloween Costume

Berry Pop Tart
Okay, which Pop Tart recipe or DIY are you going to try out?!


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