Best Book Christmas Ornaments

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Book Christmas Ornaments

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I have always been a big reader, but there was a season where my daily or weekly reading was significantly less (read, small children in the home). Now that my kids are middle school I am finding time again to read!

I have been updating my book review post and think I will probably finish this year reading around 60 books, which blows my mind – ha.

Want to check my favorite books from over the years? 

DIY Books Read Ornament Ideas

Making a DIY ornament including some of your favorite books from this year is a fun way to celebrate being a book lover!

DIY Stacked Book Ornament

One option is to purchase miniature books from your local craft stores or online (here and here). Then you can hot glue them together in a stack with a small tree on top. Add a piece of string to the tree to hang!

DIY Book Cover Ball Ornament

Another book ornament idea is using book covers. You can either print out book covers or use stickers for this project. Cut out the book covers and glue them using decoupage to a clear ornament ball.

DIY Book Pages Ball Ornament

And if you are just celebrating reading in general, you could remove a few book pages from a thrifted book then glue them using decoupage to a clear ornament ball.

Here are some tips for making a DIY book ornament:

  • Use a variety of different books, covers, or pages. This will make your ornament look more interesting.
  • Be careful not to use too much hot glue. This can make the ornament look messy.
  • Let the ornament ball dry completely before hanging it on your Christmas tree.
  • Have fun and be creative!

Book Lover Ornaments

Book ornaments are a fun and festive way to decorate your Christmas tree or home. They are also a great gift for book lovers.

Check out these awesome ornaments for the book lovers in your life!

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