DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

I have been making my children coordinating homemade Halloween costumes ever since they could crawl.  They have been baby owls, a Baker + Cupcake and Planets.  Last year my kids were into all things underwater.  So when Halloween was nearing, I decided to create them matching DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costumes.  Unfortunately, I did not capture pictures of the creation process for the blog, but decided to share the few personal photos I had from last year.

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume,

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My son was in all blue accents for his scuba diver costume and my little girl was all in green.

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume, Delineate Your Dwelling

This as they were just heading out with dad for a casual walk down the street and back.

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume, Delineate Your Dwelling
diy-scuba-diver-Halloween costume, Delineate Your Dwelling

This was such a fun and simple costume!

supply listBlack shirt and pants  \  2 sets of 2 Litter Bottles
Cotton Rope or yarn  \  Spray Paint (green + blue)
Black Electrical Tape \  Sponge Hair Curlers
Swim Goggles + Snorkels  \  Metal Pail
Silver Washi tape  \  hot glue \ chalkboard paint

I saved four 2-Litter bottles, washed and dried them.  Then I spray painted them the appropriate colors.  After they were dry, I added black electrical tape and silver washi tape to secure them together.  I used rope to create the straps.  Using hot glue I glued the bottom of the rope to the bottom of the painted bottles.  The top portion of the rope, I tucked into the bottom and added a dab of glue to secure.

Their tool belt was electrical tape with  sponge hair curlers woven through.  I doubled the tape onto itself so it wasn’t sticky and wrapped around their waist.  I used one additional piece of tape to keep it all together.  You could add all kinds of fun little items on their belt but the sponge curlers are light weight and inexpensive, so I just went with these!

Target was having a sale on summer swim gear, so I snagged a blue and green set of goggles and snorkels for $6.99.  However, these are a similar styled snorkel and mask.

Target’s dollar section came into play for their fish buckets, but these are a similar style pail.  And a little chalkboard paint and you can write their names on the pails.

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume, Delineate Your Dwelling

Here is a close up of their tool belt.  You can see the doubled up electrical tape and how I wove the sponge curlers through it.

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume, Delineate Your Dwelling

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume, Delineate Your Dwelling

diy-scuba-diver-Halloween costume, Delineate Your Dwelling
There have been thousands of you all making this halloween costume!!  Please tag me in your finished products, I’d love to see and share them!!

The best part was they dressed up as scuba divers for months and months afterwards.  This was an excellent costume on the cheap that really got some great use out of!   So next year be sure to keep DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costumes high on your list!

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24 thoughts on “DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

  1. So cute! Question. .. I assume the belt is not attached to their clothes. Did you put two stripes of tape together (sticky sides) to make it? And then how did you attach it together at ends.

    1. Thank you! You are right, I put two pieces of tape together so it was not sticky and I could weave it through the sponge curlers. Then I wrapped it around their waist and secured together with an additional piece of tape. I’d love to see pictures of your little scuba divers when you are done!

    1. Good question, Daria! I tied a knot on one end of the rope and the opened the top of the soda bottle and placed the rope/knot inside the bottle, then put the cap back on. So that held the top portion of the rope. For the bottom, I simply glued the rope using hot glue.

  2. I’m the Editor of Fun Family Crafts and wanted to let you know that we have featured your adorable costume idea! You can see it here:

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  3. I LOVE THIS!! Seriously, I’m off to convince my little one to do this. =) I actually scored a wetsuit for him ($1) at a garage sale this summer and it would be such a perfect outfit. So cute!

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