Painted Metal Chair

INSIDE : Learn the best tips to create a painted metal chair, including if you need to sand first and what the best type of paint to use is!

Painted Metal Chair

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This post has been updated from it’s original publish date of November 2014.

Last week, one of my friends let me know if I would come with transportation I could HAVE his four metal chairs.  Well, that is a DIYers dream!  So, today I am sharing how to create this fun Metallic Painted Metal Chair.

before chairs
Before Chairs

My first step to transforming these chairs was to give them a huge cleanup.  The wooden seats were pretty well used and had some snags on the sides. So I used sand paper and the wood seats got a nice sanding.  

Do you have to sand metal furniture before painting?

I’ve been wanting to check out chalk paint and thought this would be a great opportunity to try it out.  I also heard you didn’t have to do any prep to furniture you paint with chalk paint, so I was excited for that.

I got a small quart of Rustoleum chalk paint in Aged Gray and started painting.  I loved the light gray matte color and true to chalk paint’s claims it adhered to metal with no trouble at all!!

Metal Chairs chalk paint

What paint to use on metal chairs?

I have always been a fan of using Rustoleum paints. Whether painting metal, wood or plastic if given the chance, I always pick Rustoleum. I think it gives the best coverage, hands down.

For my chairs, I taped off the legs and gave the seat a few metallic coats of metallic silver spray paint.

Rustoleum Silver Paint

I loved the gray and silver combination. And I loved the matte look of the chalk paint against the metallic silver spray paint.

Silver paint Chair

My next step was adding a bronze triangle detail to the edge of the seat using my favorite Paint Markers. I used a marker to create the triangle shape and then filled it in with paint.

Painted bronze triangles

A few coats of the bronze paint and my little chair was done!

Metal Chairs detail

Gray painted chair

I love how this gray painted chair turned out and it’s even better since it was given to me by a friend. Thanks so much Jesse!

I am currently using it as a plant stand for a few air plants and a succulent.

Metallic painted Chair

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