Glitter Bottle Brush Trees

In case you missed it over the weekend, I shared the color inspiration for ALL my Christmas decor this year!  I’ve done reds + blues, I’ve done bold greens, blacks and golds and this year I’m going bright pastels.  I know that sounds like opposites, bright – pastels… but that’s what I’m doing.  Today is the second installment of bright pastels, how to make these gorgeous Glitter Bottle Brush Trees.  It’s also project number ten in my #12MonthsofMartha series!

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees,
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supply listKrylon Spray Adhesive
Bottle Brush Trees
Martha Stewart Vintage Leaf Glitter

Bottle Brush Glitter Trees supplies
I used a small piece of sticky tack to secure my bottle brush trees to a cardboard lid and gave them a quick coat of white spray paint.  I didn’t want dark green to sneak through my glitter.

After the paint had dried, they got another coat using Krylon Spray Adhesive.  Be sure to do all this spraying outside in a ventilated area.

Next came the best part of any project, the part where you just dump gorgeous glitter all over something!  Using each of my colors, I dumped almost the entire container of Martha Stewart Vintage Leaf Glitter onto the trees overtop a paper plate.  Once the tree was sufficiently covered, I could fold my plate in half and return the excess glitter to it’s rightful container.

Bottle Brush Glitter Tree steps
I had to bribe my 4 year old daughter to not grab these trees and run!  She’s ready to proudly display the pink one in her room, no surprise there.

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees,

I love this deep maroon/wine color.  It’s so elegant with a hint of sparkle!

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees
From overhead all you could see was piles of glitter but there are mini bottle brush trees in there!

Glitter Bottle Brush

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees,

I am excited to pair these trees with my new Merry Christmas Watercolor Garland on our mantel.

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees,

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees,

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees,
Have you started any Christmas decorating or projects yet?  I typically try to wait until right after Thanksgiving, but this year I just could not help myself!

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12 Months of Martha,
Thank you to Martha Stewart for providing the amazing glitter in today’s project.  

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