Magnetic DIY Daffodil Planters

Today’s post is the second 12 Months of Martha project.  It’s a perfect mix of upcycling old things while incorporating new.  I am sharing how you can take unused spice containers and turn them into lovely Magnetic DIY Daffodil Planters.

Magnetic DIY Daffodil Planter,

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Martha Stewart Yellow craft paint
*Martha Stewart Decoupage Matte Finish
*Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer
White Spray Paint
Scrapbook Paper
Two Metal Spice Containers
Washi Tape

DIY Daffodil Planter supplies,
The first step was painting the spice containers soon to be planters.  I used a flat white spray paint with primer.  It took a few coats to fully cover that bright red.

After the paint was dry, I placed two strips of washi tape along the bottom and painted my thin yellow line.

DIY Daffodil Planter paper steps


Next, I cut a thin strip of yellow scrapbook paper using Martha’s paper trimmer.  I have never had a trimmer with such precision, loved it.

DIY Daffodil Planter paper cutter

After my paper was cut, I applied a thin coat of Matte finish decoupage to my spice container and a thin coat to my paper.  Then, I wrapped my paper around the container and gave it a few more coats to secure.

I also hot.glued a few strong magnets to the back of each container.

DIY Daffodil Planter step

While my container was drying, I prepared my daffodils!  I found some mini daffodils at my local Whole Foods and they were the perfect height for this project.  I separated the bulbs outside and shook most of the excess soil off.

DIY Daffodil

After I nestled a few bulbs into each container, I add some additional soil and my daffodils were as happy as could be!

DIY Magnetic Daffodil Planter,

Magnetic DIY Daffodil Planter,

I love this pop of spring.  And it’s so versatile that it can sit on the countertop or hang on a fridge!

Daffodil Planter DIY,

What have you made with your unused spice containers?

12 Months of Martha,


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  1. this is so stinking adorable! I love flower holders and this is so unique and fun. Im thinking of adding a piece of tin on my porch and putting these up on it! Ahh inspirations 🙂
    pinned and shared
    hope you stopped by and joined the party 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica! I love the idea of adding these outside. Be sure to share a picture with me if you do it!!

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