Winter Lady

As Thanksgiving is nearing, let’s just admit it… we all are starting to think about Christmas.  And this year I started decorating earlier than ever before!  We put out Christmas tree up this past weekend and my kids are in heaven.  Today I am sharing a fun Winter Lady that is making her debut in my decor this year.

Winter Lady final,
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supply list

*Female Styrofoam Display Head, mine is from Hobby Lobby
Various “winter” greenery
X-acto knife

Winter Lady supplies,

I’ll be quite honest.  I thought carving a small bowl shape into styrofoam would be much easier than it was. I was wanting the greenery to almost act as my lady’s winter hat, so I first drew a basic shape with a pencil.  Then I started removing portions with my x-acto knife.  Mom, if you are reading this… skip to the next step.  I almost chopped my fingers off many times.  I was under a kiddo nap time deadline and wanted to be done with all sharp objects before they woke up.

NOTE: Do not be in a rush during this part of the process.  Keep all your lovely fingers.

Winter Lady cuts,

Next I disassembled all the winter greenery I had bought.  I’m big into organically creating silk flower displays.

TIP: Just because you buy an “arrangement” that all comes together on one nice big stem, it does not mean that you should go home, put in a vase and call it a day.  I always cut the stems off at varying heights and rearrange my flowers.  This gives a much more natural look to your displays.

Winter Lady flowers,

Now comes the fun part, creating your lady’s winter “hat”.  I knew I wanted the bird’s nest to be the main focus, so that was the first item I placed.  I stuck it down into the styrofoam and then added just a dab of hot glue for extra holding power.  Then, I started slowing adding additional sprigs, pinecones and berries.

Winter Lady steps,
I added a few small pieces of greenery across her forehead to act as bangs and secured those with small dabs of hot glue.

Winter Lady flower final,

A Winter Lady,

She might be a little too unique for some, but I really love this holiday dressed Winter lady!

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  1. I have some Head vases inherited from my Mum, including a Snow Queen one. They are lovely, but you’re right….a bit expensive these days. What a clever alternative. Your Winter Lady is gorgeous!

    1. I wanted to buy a ceramic vase, Jennifer but they are REALLY pricy! This styrofoam one was only $4 or $5, much better!

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