Geometric Deer Antler Printable

Fall is finally here in NM and I’m ready to wear my boots and eat soup everyday until Christmas time.  I also like cozying my house up a bit once there is a chill in the air and I made this fun Geometric Deer Antler Printable and hung it on my dining room clipboard gallery wall.  Scroll to the bottom for your FREE printable!

Geometric Deer Antler Printable,
My supplies for this project were quite simple.  I designed the deer antler graphic and printed it out.  (It’s available in portrait or landscape and also comes in a black and white option.)  And then I pulled a few scraps of felt out, my scissors and hot glue.
Geometric Antler supplies
The felt flowers needed to fit this printable proportionately, so I made them smaller than typical.  I cut rough 3″x4″ rectangles and then cut them into a spiral.  Starting in the center, wind the felt onto itself, adding hot glue as necessary to secure.
Geometric Antler flower
After all my flowers were completed, I added a few leaves and glued them onto the deer’s head.
 Geometric Antler
I love the juxtaposition of the soft flowers and the hard geometry of the deer.
 Geometric Antler portrait

The portrait styled print fits in so nicely with my clipboard wall in our dining room.

Geometric Antler clipboard

Geometric Deer Antler Printable, Delineate Your Dwelling #free #falldecor
 Geometric Deer Antler Printable,
These Geometric Deer Antler prints are available to download in portrait or landscape, colored or black and white!

And be sure to sign up for my DYD Free graphic printable group for more fun like this.
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25 thoughts on “Geometric Deer Antler Printable

  1. Seriously, you’re a crafting genius! Way to take a 2-d print and make it 3-d!!

    You’re a regular feature at Outside [the Box] Amy!! With killer projects like yours who wouldn’t want to share them with the world?!! Excuse me while I get my pin on!

    Looking forward to oogle your projects tomorrow at at 5pm EST:

  2. I love this! I’m really into the elk head look 🙂 I first saw this trend in Germany and couldn’t resist. Thanks for the great printables.

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