Colorful Clay Animal Heads

I am so excited today to be sharing all three of my Colorful Clay Animal Heads today.  You may have noticed them during my Guest Room + Office Makeover reveal. I have them secured on the wall right by my desk.  They are the perfect fun little touch to my space!

Fun and easy to make Clay Animal Heads! Delineate Your Dwelling

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Air Dry ClayMini Square Canvas | Small twigs

Acrylic Paint | Paint Pens | Hot Glue

Clay Animal Head Supplies
I started by pulled up an image of deer heads on my phone to help with the basic shape.  I found the key was to really study the image and break it down into simple forms.  This deer was a log shape for the neck and an oblong circle for the head.I thought the elephant would be the hardest to create, but it actually wasn’t too bad.

Clay Animal Heads ElephantOh the zebra.  It really didn’t have any major defining shapes so I had to redo this guy like 4 times before I got it even “semi” zebra-esque.

Clay Animal Heads making

Clay Animal Heads Deer
Air dry clay takes two to three days to dry, so while that was drying out, I started working on the mounting canvas.

I hand drew a simple mount shape and then painted it with Martha Stewart’s black chalkboard paint.  I seasoned the mount once I had applied three coats.

Clay Animal Mount
Using a thin sharpie, I added some texture to the remainder of the canvas and outlined the mount with a gold paint pen.

Next everyone got a base coat of paint.  The elephant and deer received some gold love.  The zebra got a dose of white (the clay dries white, but I just wanted to make sure it was white white).

Clay Animal Heads Painted

I painted colorful stripes to the twigs (antler).  Once those were dry, I hot glued them to the back of the deer head.

Colorful Clay Deer
Using a dark and light green paint pen, I gave the zebra some stripes.  And with a white paint pen, the elephant got some polka dots.

Clay Animal Heads Zebra Elephant

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35 thoughts on “Colorful Clay Animal Heads

    1. Ashley, you know I think the clay would hold up just fine… but I was surprised how “densely” these dried. They actually have some weight for being as small as they are. So I’m afraid a large one might weigh crazy amounts.

      1. You could try to reduce the weight by sculpting around tin foil or a bit of paper towel. Or you could Gorilla glue it like crazy!

      1. Hi Amy! I adore your work & taste. I have a question about your instructions pertaining to these adorable Clay Animal Heads: When you say you “SEASONED” them, what does that mean, exactly? Sorry, I’ve been “crafty” all my life, but ‘pinning’ & the explosion of DIY-ing is new to me! Help a sister out! 😄. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with all of us, and apologies if this question was already asked/answered!
        Best-Leigh Anne D.

        1. Aw, you are too kind Leigh Anne! Okay, so I was referring to the little chalkboard “mount” I painted onto my mini canvas’. Seasoning refers to coloring the entire surface with chalk, to give it that used look. After you season a chalkboard, it is also much easier to erase chalk marks than if you leave it as is. You could easily just paint the mount with black paint, too. Hope that helps!

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