Thanksgiving Leftovers sent home in FUN ways

INSIDE : Learn how to easily send Thanksgiving Leftovers home in FUN ways with markers, tape and some brown paper bags!

Thanksgiving Leftover bag package

Updated post from November 2014.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Thanksgiving is almost here in the US!  Hopefully that does not come as a huge surprise to you.  

Today I am sharing how I will be sending Thanksgiving leftovers home with my guests as well as a roundup of other fun Thanksgiving Leftover container ideas at the bottom of the post.


Let’s be real here.  After pretty much an entire day of cooking for just one meal AND all the grocery shopping and prep for that meal, the last thing we all need is some fancy pants leftover craft to make.  I went for super simple but still fun.

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What do I need to send home Thanksgiving leftovers?

Black sharpie
Copper Paint pen
Gold Paint Pen
Silver Paint Pen
Multiple Sizes of Brown paper bags
Washi tape
White card stock tags
Mini clothespins

Thanksgiving Leftover supplies

How do I make Thanksgiving leftovers sent home look cute?

The first step to sending home Thanksgiving leftovers is drawing on your bags.  If you are using smaller paper bags, lightly fold your bag over as if to close it.  Then you will know how far down to draw your pattern so that it is visible once food is placed inside and closed up.

I used a black sharpie to draw a whimsical scallop design.

Thanksgiving Leftover drawing steps

Continue adding patterns to all of your bags!  

I did lines of dots with my Silver Paint pen.  A geometric triangle design with my Gold Paint pen.  And simple stripes with my Copper Paint pen.

Leftover paper bags patterns

Next up is the labels!  You can save this part for while you package up your leftovers or if you know there will be various leftovers like turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes casserole, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc… (anyone else getting hungry yet??!)  then you can write them out in advanced.

I used these simple white cardstock tags and added some color detail to match each bag.

Thanksgiving Leftover tags

I especially love this pack of three different brown paper bags with handles because they can hold much more food than just a small paper bag.  Plus, the handles really come in handy when taking home leftovers.

Thanksgiving Leftover container with tags

To secure your bags and your food labels, you can use washi tape or just a mini clothespin.  Presto, easy but cute Thanksgiving food leftover containers!

Tday Leftover bag package with labels

If you are looking for a fun roundup of other creative ideas for sending yummy leftovers back home with your guests check out these below!  

Some of these require easy printing labels, others just added colored polka dots.

Thanksgiving Leftover packagesDelineate Your Dwelling
Homey Oh My
Sarah Hearts 

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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Leftovers sent home in FUN ways

  1. We don’t do Thanksgiving here in the UK (although our shops have done this whole Black Friday thing this year and we are all a bit confused!) just a normal day at work for us 🙁
    I love these sweet little leftover bags though, The best thing about a big meal is the “not having to cook the next day, weird mix of things, just eating the leftovers day” next day!

    1. Oh black friday is so crazy. I never participate, too many people jamming into stores for me, ha! Thanks for the comment and enjoy your weekend!

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