How to make simple Sprinkle Birthday Party Hats

Today is week two of a Monday mini series of my Sprinkle Birthday Party DIYs.

My big girl, kiddo #1 just celebrated her fourth birthday. I adore celebrating my babies on their birthdays and making them feel special. However, birthday parties can quickly get out of control and you can spend hundreds of dollars on decor, favors, cake, activities, etc.  I went the DIY route this year and without spending much at all, I think this was one of my favorite kid’s parties to date!

We went with a Sprinkle Party theme and today I am sharing How to make simple Sprinkle Birthday Party Hats.

Sprinkle Birthday Party Hats,


Watercolor set
Gold Garland
*Thin Elastic
Hot glue

Sprinkle Birthday Hat painting,

After painting simple watercolor patterns on sheets of paper, I traced a circle about 7″ in diameter.  Then, divide the circle into three equal sections.

Sprinkle Birthday Hat paint,

Cut each section out from the circle and use a small dot of hot glue to secure.

Sprinkle Birthday Hat wrap,

I made six hats and they all were so adorable.

Sprinkle Birthday Party Hats,

The birthday girl’s hat then got a small gold garland embellishment.  Measure out the elastic length needed for comfortable hat wearing and secure to the hat with a staple.  I also added a bit of hot glue for extra holding power.

Birthday Sprinkle Hat,

Kiddo #1 was SO THRILLED with these hats!

Birthday Sprinkle Hat,

These were such easy DIYs and wearing Sprinkle Birthday Party Hats definitely excited the children!  I was so happy I had put in the hour of effort to make them.

Party Hats,

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Customized DIY Twister Game,

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Sprinkle 4th Birthday Party,




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  1. Cutest birthday hat ever, Amy!! I love making my own stuff for the kids’ parties so will have to keep these in mind! 🙂

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