Party Candy Cones

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Learn how to make colorful Party Candy Cones for your next summer get together with friends and family!

Party Candy Cones

Paper cones

Now that summer is here, my kiddos and I are always on the lookout for a reason to get friends together for some backyard fun and tasty snacking. While we were walking the aisles of Dollar General, we saw these new SOUR PATCH KIDS Heads and SWEDISH FISH Tails. There are two fun flavors in every piece and we knew we needed to bring them home with us!

And even better because right now, you can buy 1 SOUR PATCH KIDS Heads and get 1 SWEDISH FISH Tails FREE (8 oz.; max. value $2.00)!

Doller General candy

We grabbed our favorite sweet and sour candies and decided to make simple scrapbook paper party candy cones to contain our treats.

Supplies Needed for Party Candy Cones:

Various colors of scrapbook paper
Washi Tape
1 package of SOUR PATCH KIDS Heads
1 package of SWEDISH FISH Tails

Scrapbook paper

To make your candy cone, start by cutting your scrapbook paper into 6″ squares.

Scrapbook paper squares

Next, fold the paper from one side to the other and secure with a piece of washi tape—this creates the cone shape to hold your candy!

Note : if you have more rigid scrapbook paper, you may need to secure with a piece of clear tape and then cover with washi tape.

Creating paper cones

Sour Patch kids Swedish Fish Candy Cones

Before our friends came over to play, we filled small bowls with SOUR PATCH KIDS Heads and SWEDISH FISH Tails so that each person could include each of the candies they wanted. 

Our favorite flavors were the Pineapple Redberry and Raspberry Mango—yum, so delicious!

Candy cones

We also set out a bowl of extra washi tapes, a few paper napkins, and some cups for drinks!

Summer Party Candy cones
I just loved all the cheerful papers lined up together. Between the bright colors of our candies and the fun patterns of the cones, it was a perfect summer celebration.

My son loves SOUR PATCH KIDS Heads. He loves that they start off sour and then they are sweet. They are a great fat-free, soft, chewy candy, and we loved that they now have two flavors per candy shape.

Candy Summer Cones
I’m partial to the SWEDISH FISH Tails because they are still soft and chewy with a hint of sour chewy candy.

Colorful Cones

Next time you are at Dollar General, don’t forget to pop over to the snack aisles and grab yourself some these new SOUR PATCH KIDS Heads and SWEDISH FISH Tails treats!

Peach blue black cones

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  1. Don’t you just love the versatility of cones! They’re great to make anytime of the year and for any occasion – for just about anything including those fun candy treats!

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