Jingle Bell Tabletop Christmas Tree Pot

INSIDE : Learn how to create a modern tabletop tree look with mini bells! Make a Jingle Bell Tabletop Christmas Tree pot with mod straight lines.

Jingle Bell Tabletop Christmas Tree pot

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Last week I shared a DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree, 3 different ways and today I’m back with one more way to bring some festive cheer to your home!

What supplies do I need to make a Modern Jingle Bell Tree pot?

Tabletop Jingle Bell supplies

How do I make a Modern Jingle Bell pot for my tabletop tree?

Start by sorting your jingle bells into size categories. This will really help speed up the process when you begin to glue the bells on.

Starting with your largest jingle bells at the bottom of your pot, slowly begin to glue the bells in a straight line. Create three lines of bells, then add a piece of washi tape next. This will give you a perfect line to follow for your medium to small sized jingle bells.

Bell Pot step 1

Create two lines of jingle bells and then add one additional line of washi tape for your last single line of bells.

Modern tabletop tree

Jingle Bell Tree Pot

Place your tabletop Christmas Tree into your new galvanized pot and you are set!

Classic Tabletop Tree pot

I added some battery operated twinkle lights and a fun red plaid garland to mine. You can use whatever lights and ornaments you prefer!

Traditional Tabletop Tree Pot

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