Top gifts for the creatives in your life!

Do you have a few crafty lady’s to buy gifts for this holiday season?  I’m rounding up a few of my most FAVORITE gift ideas in this Top gifts for the creatives in your life, a creative gift guide.  These happen to be the gifts that I can mostly easily buy for and I even own a few of these myself, so I can really vouch for them being great.  Let’s get into them now!


Creatives Gift Guide,

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Christmas List
1 Mini Notebook, Creative Gift Guide

Mini Notebook : I just got this floral print in a calendar (thanks sister) and I love it’s bright cheerful colors!  I love this mini notebook’s gold spiral binding, too.


2 Gold Pencils, Creative Gift Guide

Gold Foil Polka Dot Pencils : There is something so wonderful to me about a pretty pencil.  I love using pencil to make notes and write in my calendars.  I love that these have gold foil polka dots, too.


3 We All Win Print, Creative Gift Guide


We All Win Print : My dear friend MJ of Pars Caeli sells the most wonderful prints, t-shirts and cards!  I love this print, “I am not interested in competing.  I hope we all win.”


4 Pray Mug, Creative Gift Guide


Pray Hustle Repeat Mug : Sometimes you need a little more than simply hustling to get the job done so I love this Pray Hustle Repeat mug!  So true for many creatives.


5 Photo Styling, Creative Gift Guide

Photo Styling 101 : My crazy talented friend, Rachel from The Crafted Life is an honest rock star when it comes to photo styling.  I am THRILLED that she is finally sharing her secrets and you better believe I’m taking this class.  I already finished the first chapter!


6 We Make Collective, Creative Gift Guide

We Make Collective : These stunning monthly kits celebrate individual ideas + imagination. These kits are not designed to make a single item, but to enable you to learn a technique and use your individuality to create something original.  I just love this idea.

7 Phone Charger, Creative Gift Guide


Gold Polka Dot Mobile Charger : I am a huge fan of taking necessary items and making them pretty!  I love this simple gold polka dot phone charger.


8 Work Hard, Creative Gift Guide


Nice Work Wall Art : I fell in love with this print from Minted so much that it is now hanging on my living room wall.  I always try no matter the situation to “be nice” whether working hard, hustling or having fun with friends.  I also love this loose hand lettered look.

9 Computer Decal, Creative Gift Guide
Work Hard Stay Humble Laptop Decal : Are you noticing a creative theme here?  Pray, hustle, work hard, be kind and STAY HUMBLE.  I love this simple reminder decal.  Perfect to put on your laptop or other electronic device.

10 Stapler, Creative Gift Guide

Gold + Acrylic Stapler
 : If you follow me at all, it’s no surprise that I’ve included a gold stapler to my creative gift list.  I love that it adds just a little bit of sparkle to any desk.


11 Copper Tape Creative Gift Guide

Copper Washi Tape
 : Mercy.  Is there anything better in this world than copper washi tape?  I mean, honestly.  I own a roll of copper washi tape and I use it ALL the time!  Love it.


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