Clipboard Gallery Wall

INSIDE : Learn how to create a simple Clipboard Gallery Wall to display your favorite artwork, graphic prints or inspirational quotes.

Clipboard Gallery Wall

Clipboard Gallery Wall
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I recently moved a huge DIY twig sculpture from our Dining Room area to a wall space in our Entry Foyer.  I feel like I keep repeating myself, but I’m looking to lighten and brighten our home.  As much as I loved my twig sculpture, I wanted something new, fresh and lighter feeling.  Today I am sharing my new Clipboard Gallery Wall.

Why use a Clipboard Gallery Wall?

I knew I wanted to incorporate a gallery wall in my home and using simple clipboards seemed like a great idea.  But, how would I ever be able to narrow down the prints I would use?  Introduce the clipboard gallery wall!

What supplies do you need for a Clipboard Gallery Wall?

8 Clipboards
8 Brass Wall Hangers
8 Prints
Laser level (a regular level will work, as well)

Using a clipboard, I could rotate prints and pictures in and out whenever my little heart so desired.  I was smitten with the idea.  I loaded up the kiddo’s and headed to Office Max to buy eight plain clipboards.  At a little under $2 a piece, this is a great inexpensive DIY project.


How do I install a simple Clipboard Gallery Wall?

First, I laid out my basic pattern on the wall with pieces of paper (yes, kiddo #2 did a little coloring on one) and a level to make sure everything was lined up correctly.

 Clipboard Gallery Wall mockup,
Using a level and a measuring tape, slowly the clipboards made their way onto the wall.

We love using these brass wall hangers the best.  I started with regular nails and decided to change them out to the wall hangers.

Clipboard Gallery Wall nail,
I was so thrilled to see these eight blank canvas’ waiting to be filled up with prints.  I mean, it is just so simple to hang a clipboard on a wall!
Clipboard Gallery Walls,
I printed a few of my own designs out (check out my Shopify store) and then ordered a few additional ones from my favorite Etsy stores.
 Clipboard Gallery Wall prints,
 I was like a kid in a candy store as my graphic prints slowly made their way to my wall.  
Gallery Wall hangings
Ah, finally!  They all arrived and I was as happy as a lark.  A wonderful mix of inspirational quotes, hide them in your heart bible verses and fun graphics.
Clipboard Gallery Wall final,
I already am thinking I need a few more clipboards… too many great prints out there!  How many clipboards do you think would fit your space?
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43 thoughts on “Clipboard Gallery Wall

  1. I love that you can switch out the pieces of art at any time. It can change along with the seasons–I love it! I’m glad you linked this up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop–I love seeing your creative projects at our party!

    1. Thanks for the love, Carrie! I’m excited to see it transform for each season, too. And I always love stopping by your parties… they are the best!

  2. This is such a fabulous idea! I love the simplicity of it and how low commitment it is, since I am pretty into changing my mind!! Thank you for sharing it at Work it Wednesday this week:)
    ~Krista from the happy housie

  3. Oh wow, love how the wall turned out! And your prints are fabulous!! I’d love for you to share with Life Created Tuesdays link party. This week’s party is now live 🙂

  4. I love this idea, also a great way to display children’s art work in a hallway. I also love quotes, so I see this as an inspirational wall a place to go for scripture or a much needed good thought. Thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist please come by tomorrow and share again.

    1. Thanks Joyce. I’m really excited to see where these clipboards go each season. Sometimes filled with kid’s art, sometimes scripture, sometimes just beautiful prints!

  5. Great Idea! You see so many great quotes out there that fit your mood, family, or home! But who wants to commit to just one…I know I can’t! I’m pinning this one to our board! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!


  6. Coming over from the link at TT&J. Looks great! I did this in our office over the summer and just love. I’m actually adding another row right now (well, I’m short two because I can’t find more clipboards)….but the more the merrier, right?

  7. I have been wanting to do something with clipboards for a while. I love being able to switch out artwork or the kids’ drawings. You made it look so great!

    1. Thanks, Anne! I had wanted the ability to swap things out forever and FINALLY just bit the bullet and went the clipboard route. Totally worth it!

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