Clipboard Gallery Wall

INSIDE : Learn how to create a simple Clipboard Gallery Wall to display your favorite artwork, graphic prints or inspirational quotes.

Clipboard Gallery Wall

Clipboard Gallery Wall
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I recently moved a huge DIY twig sculpture from our Dining Room area to a wall space in our Entry Foyer.  I feel like I keep repeating myself, but I’m looking to lighten and brighten our home.  As much as I loved my twig sculpture, I wanted something new, fresh and lighter feeling.  Today I am sharing my new Clipboard Gallery Wall.

Why use a Clipboard Gallery Wall?

I knew I wanted to incorporate a gallery wall in my home and using simple clipboards seemed like a great idea.  But, how would I ever be able to narrow down the prints I would use?  Introduce the clipboard gallery wall!

What supplies do you need for a Clipboard Gallery Wall?

8 Clipboards
8 Brass Wall Hangers
8 Prints
Laser level (a regular level will work, as well)

Using a clipboard, I could rotate prints and pictures in and out whenever my little heart so desired.  I was smitten with the idea.  I loaded up the kiddo’s and headed to Office Max to buy eight plain clipboards.  At a little under $2 a piece, this is a great inexpensive DIY project.


How do I install a simple Clipboard Gallery Wall?

First, I laid out my basic pattern on the wall with pieces of paper (yes, kiddo #2 did a little coloring on one) and a level to make sure everything was lined up correctly.

 Clipboard Gallery Wall mockup,
Using a level and a measuring tape, slowly the clipboards made their way onto the wall.

We love using these brass wall hangers the best.  I started with regular nails and decided to change them out to the wall hangers.

Clipboard Gallery Wall nail,
I was so thrilled to see these eight blank canvas’ waiting to be filled up with prints.  I mean, it is just so simple to hang a clipboard on a wall!
Clipboard Gallery Walls,
I printed a few of my own designs out (check out my Shopify store) and then ordered a few additional ones from my favorite Etsy stores.
 Clipboard Gallery Wall prints,
 I was like a kid in a candy store as my graphic prints slowly made their way to my wall.  
Gallery Wall hangings
Ah, finally!  They all arrived and I was as happy as a lark.  A wonderful mix of inspirational quotes, hide them in your heart bible verses and fun graphics.
Clipboard Gallery Wall final,
I already am thinking I need a few more clipboards… too many great prints out there!  How many clipboards do you think would fit your space?
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