Christmas Clipboard Gallery Wall

INSIDE : Learn how to install a simple Christmas Clipboard Gallery Wall in your home to display your favorite holiday prints, Christmas cards from friends and family or simple artwork you make!

Christmas Clipboard Gallery Wall

I installed this Clipboard Gallery Wall a few months ago in our dining room and have loved it.

However, with the Christmas season here, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of the ease of switching out the prints for more festive ones.  Today I am sharing how I am setting up my Christmas Clipboard Gallery Wall.

I love the pop of color adding in new seasonal prints bring to the room.

Christmas Clipboard Gallery Wall

What supplies do you need to hang a Christmas Clipboard Gallery Wall?

8 Clipboards
8 Brass Wall Hangers
8 Prints
Laser level (a regular level will work, as well)

And I think displaying Christmas cards from friends and family here would be a great idea, too!

Christmas Wall Clipboard

I strung some white poms along with gold and red jingle bells for some festive garland to hand around the prints.

Christmas Clipboard garland

This was a very easy project.  I already can’t wait for spring so I can switch out the prints again.  I might be slightly getting ahead of myself, but I can’t help it.

Christmas Gallery

The options are endless with this little wall space and I can’t wait to share it with you all each season.

Do you have a clipboard gallery wall?  What do you have displayed currently?  This would be a great spot to showcase your children’s Christmas artwork, too!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Clipboard Gallery Wall

  1. MAN those white pom poms are cute. I really wish I had decorated with them this year!!
    Your clipboard gallery is pretty genius. I find the commitment to nailing something up on the wall intimidating sometimes, and clipboards are such a unique solution to that. Very cool, Amy! I’m excited as well to see how you switch things out through the year :).

  2. Such a unique idea! Unfortunately I am renting right now so I don’t think the landlord would be too pleased with me making changes to the dry wall ~ I’ll definitely consider this once I get my own place!

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