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Kid's Closet Makeover

Friday, December 13, 2013

As I shared in an earlier post (here), I decided to tackle my kid's shared bedroom with a makeover to help organize and work on better space planning.  It took some time, but has been so worth the effort.  My first task was their closet.  

Before, I had a huge metal shelf jammed in the closet and everything started off organized but quickly I couldn't see where things were and it all became a huge mess.  Number one item was removing the doors.  Now I can actually see what is going on in there!

I decided to do some simple painting in the closet now that it was a more visible space.  In keeping with the colors of their room, I bought a few small acrylic paints for the project.

I found a stencil that I fell in love with at Hobby Lobby, of course.  And then did a quick sketch of my basic color layout and which spaces I would leave blank.  I didn't want to completely cover the closet wall just add a bit of color.

Slowly it started coming together and I was so excited every time I'd take a step back to get a bigger picture of it all.

The completed pattern turned out exactly how I had envisioned it.  I love that the gold becomes more a shimmery color that you can see only at certain angles.

Next was organizing.  I hung the kid's daily used clothes on hanging organizers.  The clothes were just heavy enough that it they were making the organizer buckle a bit, so I cut up some cardboard and wrapped it with fun light blue and white chevron wrapping paper for extra support.  It did the job perfectly.

Wire baskets hold all their diaper changing covers, crib sheets and diaper genie refills.  

Baskets and colored cubes hold items down below that the kids have access to; bath time items (wash clothes, towels, etc), undies, and misc extra blankets.

What a transformation!  It's organized, clean and so cheerful.  The kid's actually help put their clothes away now because they can get to the closet!

Do you have any kiddo closet tips or tricks?


  1. The shimmery gold is fun. I love the IKEA bag dispensers (which run around $1) for holding underwear and socks. I hang these on the inside of the closet doors at the kids height so they can grab their own. They have fun pulling them out of the holes and I like that it teaches them to be more independent!

    1. Great idea, Jill. Yes, we have the baskets on the bottom for them to get at. It's nice for the parent, too, to not have to do everything for them!

  2. Awesome closet organization! And I am so using the cardboard on hangers idea!! Genius!

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so in love with this makeover. That stencil is crazy amazing! It looks beautiful. Where did you get those cute wire baskets with the inserts?

  4. This is so wonderfully subtle while still making a statement. I love it, Amy!!

  5. Love the stenciling! So fun. Perfect for the space. I need some help with my kids' closet. We keep most of their toys in it, and it is SO hard to keep it organized.

  6. Just seeing a cute and organized closet like this puts me at ease. My kids' closets look nothing like this! I love the chevron details you added in--so cute! Thanks so much for linking up to Frugal Crafty Home and I hope to see you back on Sunday night!

    1. Believe me, their closet was a disaster before this! Keeping my fingers crossed we can keep it looking this nice for a while.

  7. Goodness knows we need to do this, especially after the holidays!!! Thanks for the great tips. :)

  8. Goodness knows we need these tips - especially after the holidays! Thanks for sharing!


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