When the Queen of Jungalow told me her favorite plant

INSIDE : I recently attended Altitude Summit with the ever amazing Justina Blakeney as the closing keynote speaker. And when the Queen of Jungalow told me her favorite plant during the Q/A I just about died.

Queen of Jungalow Favorite Plant

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I have been a huge plant lover nearly my entire life. You can check out all of my Plant Care posts here and my Plant Crafts here.  So when I found out that Justina Blakeney was going to be the closing keynote speaker at the recent blog conference I attended, Alt Summit, I’m pretty sure I audibly squealed with delight.  

And then I immediately text my plant loving friend, Emily, who immediately digitally squealed with delight on my behalf.  

Let’s get to the real juice, shall we… let’s talk about When the Queen of Jungalow told me her favorite plant!

Before we go all plant talk, let’s do a quick Justina talk.  

Who is Justina Blakeney?

Justina is an incredible force.  She is a designer, author and artist who believes that creativity is key to having an amazing home.  And she loves using color, pattern and plants in everything she does… so pretty much we are on the same page.  You can find her creating new lines of furniture, rugs, home decor and clothing at her central website, Jungalow.

Justina ZZ Plant5

Her use of plants in interior spaces makes my heart soar.  Going back to my friend, Emily… we often use Jungalow as a verb.  As in, “I’m going to Jungalow this so good.”  Meaning, I’m going to add all the beautiful plants and it will be amazing.

So it was the last day of our Alt Summit conference (recap for the entire conference, here) and I left my group of friends to make sure I got a close seat right up by Justina for her closing keynote.  

I ended up being about four rows back during her talk and you can catch me randomly waving to her when they zoom out – HA.  Yup, I’m that awesome person.

Justina ZZ Plant2

Okay, so if you have an hour… it was a fun interview by Gabi of Design Mom.  BUT… if you want to hear when Justina tells me her favorite plant, skip ahead to 40:48… and get ready for the MOST speedy hand up you’ve ever seen, done by yours truly – ME!

It pretty much went like this, “Okay, I’m sure you have (MY HAND WENT UP!) questions for Justina.”  And then silence as you look at the back of my head while I ask, “What would you say is your most favorite plant?”

What is Jungalow’s Favorite Plant?

AND DRUM ROLL…. Justina’s favorite plant is the ZZ Plant!  She said it is the plant she has been able to keep alive the longest.  As well as being hardy, she thought it looked very lush and loved the look and sensibility it brings to a space.

Justina ZZ Plant3

I adore ZZ plants, so I was just thrilled with her answer! I have two ZZ plants myself. A normal one and a Black Raven ZZ plant which I share all about it’s care in this blog post.

What is a ZZ Plant?

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, better known and more easily pronounced as the ZZ plant, is one of the hardest plants to kill. In fact it’s so tenacious that the ZZ can regenerate itself from a single leaf cutlet. The ZZ’s deep green, glossy leaves have a unique spread that look great on their own or in a cluster of plants.

The ZZ prefers bright, indirect light, but can grow in low light conditions.  Keep the temperature above 65ªF and make sure to water it only when the soil is dry, and you’ll enjoy this plant for years to come.

Justina ZZ Plant4

And then I sat back and smiled.  And then my heart started to slow down a bit because I just had a 8 second chat about Justina Blakeney’s favorite plant.  Ahhhh #plantgoals!

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Another thing I love about Justina other than being a strong woman who is doing amazing things in her business and life, BUT I love when people easily laugh.  Those are really the best people.  And although Justina is fierce, she also appears to easily smile and laugh… and what better thing can you say about a person really?

ALSO.  I literally ran up to her after her keynote was over and chatting about the beauty of her plants in interior spaces.  She was so kind to smile during my plant crazed chat.

Alt Summit Justina-Amy

Looking for more plant DIY?  I’m on it.

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