Updating your Entry with Items you already have

INSIDE : Tips for updating your Entry with Items you already have to give your home a new refreshed look and feel.  Plus, how to declutter and purge your drop zone.

Front Entry Refresh, Purge and organize


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Slowly I have been trying to paint the walls in our home white.  We live in a VERY southwest style home, here in the high desert of New Mexico.  And with red wood beams throughout our home and saltillo tile floors in the majority of our home, it was important to me that I try to give our spaces a more modern look while keeping with the very obvious style of our house.

Updating Entry Before

Our front entry area has long been a dropping spot for all kinds of miscellaneous items.  We have the never ending pile of kid shoes, which I tried corralling with various baskets.  School backpacks and lunch bags always seem to congregate in this area, too.  And then I had found these wooden upright crates, which we used to store my children’s weekly school homework papers.

In addition, there was just a random assortment of items on the underneath shelf.  Vintage binoculars, candle boxes, metal tins and a gorgeous wooden bowl.  The basics of this space were good, but it just wasn’t quite there.

Front Entry Refresh - before

Updating Entry Paint

I started by removing everything from the entry.  I got out my leftover Behr ‘Bit of Sugar’ white paint from our garage.  Since this is a high traffic area, I used Eggshell paint here.

I did two coats of trim which is challenging since parts of the area are 12′ and other parts are a little over 14′ tall.  Once the trim was done, I painted the remainder of the wall, allowed it to fully dry and then did a second coat of paint.

Front Entry Refresh-step 1 paint

Front Entry Organizing

Once the painting was completed, it was time to really dig into what I had stored, jammed and squeezed into that entry space.

First of all, I tackled all the shoes.  Shoes are a constant trouble issue with my children coming in and throwing one shoe here and one shoe there.  Plus, sometimes shoes get forgotten about at the bottom of a basket.  So we pulled all the shoes and first made sure they each had a match.

Next, we decided which shoes were daily use types and which were more special occasion.  Just keeping our more daily use shoes in this front area and the rest of our shoes back in our laundry room, greatly reduced the shoe clutter.  

Front Entry Organize

Next, I tackled the shelf of my console table.  I previously had quite a few papers stashed away and never really thought about what they were.  Now, I have a box that holds all of my pretty tapered candles, metal tins to hold more important to see papers and then a small pot to hold my kid’s climbing gloves.

All the extra “things” were removed to keep the space looking tidy and functional!

Front Entry Refresh - Organized Shelf

Front Entry Styling

Now that the space was painted and purged and organized, it was time to make it look pretty!

Front Entry Refresh - Styling

I was recently gifted these two gorgeous outside cast in resin planters from Allen Design Studio.  The middle lady is a planter I already had from Anthropologie.  

Because this area doesn’t get ANY natural sunlight, I used faux air plants and I think they look just darling!  In order :  Lady Orange Planter, Anthro Face PotRose (girl) Planter.

Front Entry Refresh - Styling with Lady Face Pots

And I had been planning to weave a huuuuuge wall weaving for maybe two years and it just wasn’t happening.  So, a few months ago I was in Home Goods and noticed this enormous 3’x4′ simple woven fiber weaving… for $27!  Sooooold.

Front Entry Refresh - Styling with a weaving

And we keep spare change in the middle lady pot.  Hee hee.

Front Entry Refresh - Spare change holder

I really loved how simple my front entry space has become and having lots of neutral items, allows for my three face pots to really shine.  They have color, pattern and so much personality!

Front Entry Refresh - Styling with pots

Looking for more posts about to how best organize?  I have tons of those for you, too!

Front Entry Refresh, Organize and Style

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