The Top Blue, Aqua and Turquoise DIY Crafts

Today is blue day!  Each month, I have been sharing a few of my very favorite colorful projects through color organized rainbow like posts.  So far, I have shared the top red + pink craftstop coral, peach + orange DIY craftstop lemon, yellow + gold DIY crafts, and lastly the top mint, lime + emerald green DIY crafts. Today is the calming The Top Blue, Aqua and Turquoise DIY crafts!!

Stunningly gorgeous Blue, Aqua and Turquoise DIY crafts! Including jeans, posts, candles and shoes... a little bit of everything! Delineate Your Dwelling

I love how relaxing the color blue can be.  Out of respect for this chill color and these amazing DIYS, please pin from the original source.

DIY Chinoiserie Lamp
Love this gorgeous hand painted lamp base.
DIY-chinoiserie-lamp- blue

DIY Beaded Shoes
Could these flats be any more fun?
Blue DIY-Beaded-Shoes-Winking-Eye-Pattern-Flat-Tutorial

Crystal Tassel Earrings
I will take a pair in every color, please!
blue diy-crystal-and-tassel-earrings-4

Painted Wire Light Fixture
Blue DIY-Pendant-Lamp-From-A-BAsket-1

Paint Patterned Jeans
I wear these handprinted blue jeans at least once a week.
DIY-Painted-Patterned-Blue Jeans

DIY Ombre Watercolor Box
So relaxing to look at.

Clay Painted Blue Bowls

Blue Ombre Soap
turquoise blue teal ombre layered DIY how to make your own soap with shimmer gold mica glitter bars bar of melt and pour soaps scented mold ocean layers (21)

Blue Wood Catch-all
blue catchall tray

Blue Dish Set
blue dish set

Teal Blue Dip Dyed Candlesticks
Teal Blue diy-dip-dyed-candlesticks-

Blue Paper Plants
Blue Paper plants

Indigo Painted Shoes
blue carpets_shoes

Blue Marbling Candle + Holder

Blue Fabric Bracelets
Blue Fabric Bracelets

Lady Liberty Crowns
blue lady-liberty-flower-crown-53

Blue Marbled Mini Vases
blue how-to-make-marbled-mini-planters-diy-clay

Blue Jello Shots
Blue jello shots

Marimekko Bench

Blue Mason Jar Chandelier
Blue mason jar chandelier

Interested in tasting the CRAFTY RAINBOW with me?

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