Open House Review

I have had some amazing ladies open different rooms of their home to us over the last year.  I wanted to  do a little review of these ladies and their “Open House” rooms.  Today I am sharing 2013’s Open House review.

2013 open houses
 First up was my dear friend, Abby.  She shared her Kitchen with us and the incredible space she gained from a simple but unconventional move of the refrigerator to the Pantry.

Abby's Kitchen

Our next talented lady was Shelley.  She shared her beautiful Front Patio with us.  Are we not all completely dying over this color combination?
Next we highlighted the exceedingly trendy baby girl’s room that my friend, Lena put together.  This room went near viral with every picture being so adorable.

Our final 2013 Open House lady is from my very own sister, Lisa.  She shared her modern Apartment Bedroom with us.  I love that she used a small space in such creative ways.

Thank you again, ladies for sharing your creativity with us all!  I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for the Open House series.


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