Brightly Painted Christmas Ornaments

I’m back today with another COLORFUL Christmas DIY.  This year I am using bright bold color and it’s been a fun change for me.  Previous years I’ve gone with reds + blues and different shades of green, red + metallics.  I enjoy doing Christmas decor a little different each year, all the while doing it with what I have on hand and repurposing last year’s items.  Today, I am sharing these Brightly Painted Christmas Ornaments!

Colorfully Painted Christmas Ornaments,

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Acrylic Paints

Colorful Christmas Ornaments supplies
This was one of those projects, that just DID NOT go as per plan.  It’s so simple and yet this guy took me hours, sigh.  You can’t win them all… but I think in the end I was able to redeem these ornaments into something fun, colorful and perfect for my tree this year.

Originally I was going to marbleize the top half of these ornaments in these bright cheerful colors.  I painted the paper mache a glossy white and that I have a feeling was my downfall.  The marbleizing just would not take.  I marbled them like three times each and it was a hot mess.  The paint just kept smearing.

SO, when all else fails, go eat some cookie dough (check) and start again.

These bad boys, got a generous coat of white glossy acrylic paint.  I had removed their original ribbon to marbleize, fyi.  Then, I simply painted each one with an abstract brushstroke-like pattern.

Colorfully Painted Christmas Ornament steps
I then hot glued gold + white baker’s twine back to the top of the ornament and they were good to go.

Colorful Christmas Ornaments

My kiddos even got in on the action and painted a few paper mache stars.  I found mine all at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section.

Colorfully Painted Christmas Ornament pink blue
Colorfully Painted Christmas Ornament green

I think the blue color is my favorite, even though it’s farthest from the traditional Christmas colors.

Colorfully Painted Christmas Ornament all

Colorfully Painted Christmas Ornaments,

Are you going with traditional colors this year or mixing it up a bit?

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  1. My kids (all teenagers/adults now) still like every ornament and decoration we have ever had bunged up for Christmas so I have never managed anything tasteful or colour coordinated. I think these would look so lovely on a white tree, or maybe one of those black trees that I used to think were awful but now I really quite like.
    Maybe I should get my own little tree that I could make pretty and bright!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thanks so much, Debbie! I love adding a little cheerful color into my Christmas decor this year. xo

  2. I love how you are going for whimsical, bright Christmas decor this year and these ornaments look like so much fun! They are sure to bring some holiday cheer to the tree 🙂

  3. Love these! They look like something you’d spend 20$ on a set for!
    And the blue and pink colors you have are the colors I prefer for my Christmas, maybe a twinge more of a teal for my blue, but the same kind of bright colors. Red and green are great and all, but I prefer brightly colored things…and so bright pink and teal it is, ha! 😀

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