Simple Painted Notebooks

Whether you have kids heading back to school or not, I have a super easy project for you today!  As you all know, I have a love affair with paper and when I saw these inexpensive paper notebooks at Ikea a while ago, I snatched a few up.  Today I am showing how to create these Simple Painted Notebooks!

Painted Notebook

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Acrylic Paint of your choosing
Angled Brush
*Simple Paper Notebook

Simple Painted Notebook supplies

First, select the paint for your pages.  Squeeze the pages together tightly as you paint to ensure paint does not seep beyond the edge.  Also be careful to not get any paint on the front or back cover of your notebook.

After you complete painting the paper edges, slightly fan out so pages can dry indivisually.  If you allow the notebook to dry closed, the pages may become stuck together.

Simple Painted Notebook steps

Next, I painted the elastic banding on my *notebook.  I did two coats of paint on the banding and allowed to dry in between.

Simple Painted Notebook step

Painted Notebook step

I love that I was able to take a $0.99 Ikea notebook and transform it to something bright and colorful!

Painted Notebook layout

Painted Notebooks

It’s the perfect Back to School project or if you are paper crazed like me, a perfect anytime project!

Simple Painted Notebook,


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14 thoughts on “Simple Painted Notebooks

  1. What a great idea!!! As I was cleaning up my craft room, I came across a bunch of paper that went through the printer in error most of the pages were blank. I cut off the printed part and made a few notebooks but none as pretty as yours!! I think I will add initials on it and give it to our bowling team with the schedule on the front pages for easy reference. (hubby and I play on a Golden ages league 55 and the average age is 84!! I think I am the youngest at 60 and the oldest is 95 and throws a mean ball!) They will get a kick out of it. Definitely one for the car – I have alot of scrap paper. Thanks for the great idea.

    1. I love making notebooks from scraps of paper, great idea! And I bet your bowling team would love monogrammed notebooks! Have fun!

  2. Love these notebook ideas! I’m trying to find fun ways to bring some extra color into my office once we move, and I think working with some fresh notebooks will be a good start to the much needed boost! Thanks for sharing these! Saw your post at the Simple Pantry Link Party! 🙂

  3. I have decorated many notebook covers, with many different supplies, but never thought of painting the edges. Always have been drawn to books with guilded edges in the first place, and then being able to choose any color for it?! Will have to try this out! 😀

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