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Last summer, I teamed up with a great group of ladies for FOUR rounds of knock off knock out projects.  You can see my 2014 projects here.  I was thrilled when Ashley from Bigger Than the Three of Us contacted us all again for another summer of inspired projects. 

This month’s home decor store is Anthropologie and I can not wait to share how to create an inspired 30 minute Geometric Pendant Lamp with you!
Geometric Pendant Lamp,

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Who isn’t in love with everything Anthropologie?  I know, if I had a million dollars that would be one of my first shopping stops.  When I saw their Small Iron Web Pendant Lamp my DIY heart stopped beating for a moment.  I knew this would be a great inspiration piece and I knew without a doubt I could beat the $398 price tag!

 Anthro Geometric Pendant Lamp

If you were to buy the supplies for this project, it would be a little under $10.  I however, already owned every single thing so I actually made this for FREE.

supply list
Light Socket Cord
Wooden Skewers
Hot Glue
Valspar Gold Metal Spray Paint

Geometric Pendant Lamp supplies

This project was as easy as could be.  Using the wooden skewers, I created four different shapes.  Each corner was secured with hot glue.

Once the four shapes had been created, I started glueing them together.  I glued three of them at their top vertices so as to create a place to hang on the light socket.

After those shapes were glued, I simply added a few more wooden skewers to create additional interest.  This really is a personal preference for it’s look.

Geometric Pendant Lamp steps

 After the wooden skewers were dry, it was time to add a few light coats of spray paint.  I wanted a slight brassy gold color, so I used my Valspar Gold Metal Spray Paint.

Geometric Pendant Lamp paint
 I could not be more pleased with how this Geometric Pendant Lamp turned out.
Geometric Pendant Lamp office 2,
 It fits in with the decor perfectly in my office + guest room.
Geometric Pendant Lamp Anthro,
Geometric Lamp office,
Starting now in May and ending in August, we will be showcasing an inspired project from a pre-decided home decor store.  Be sure to check out the other amazing projects!

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46 thoughts on “Geometric Pendant Lamp

  1. You are way more crafty than I am…your pendant light looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it with #ShareTheWealthSunday and this post is being featured as one of my top 5 favorites at next weeks party!


  2. I love this, just gorgeous and the price tag too. Found you Create and share party. We are currently building our new dream home so will have to give this a try. Thank you.

    1. Oh, I bet you could create the most minimalist-awesome geometric lamp… all black, super cool. =)

  3. Ha! I knew this DIY was yours….It has YOU written all over it. I love it! I like that it is not so uniform and that you made it for FREE. Go you!

    1. Oh Gilly, you are too kind! I thought about doing a hemmili type shape but decided skewers would be WAY easier. I’m so glad I went the easy route… 30 min. max!

  4. WOW! Wooden skewers? I never would have thought! You took something I thought had to be a complicated & difficult project and turned it into something totally accessible! The best kind of DIY – wonderful job Amy!

    1. Such kind words, Brynne! This comes from the lady who wrapped a vanity in jute. I bow down.

  5. I’ve been sitting on a himmeli/geometric project for far too long, just seeing how yours turned out makes me want to get in there and finish it up. Interestingly enough I used skewers as our ‘mock up’ version. Never thought to use them in the final piece!! Great work, love your little office corner!

    1. I definitely thought about using the himmeli technique for this but decided I wanted it less symmetrical and more random… so the wooden skewers won out and it made it so so easy!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! The skewers made this SUCH an easy project. Can’t wait to hop over to yours!!

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