Faux Fur Stool

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No big surprises here, I was walking the aisles of Target a few weeks ago and saw this Accent Table on mega sale.  I loved the legs and at only $7.48 I knew I could do something with it.  Today I am sharing how I took an accent table from Target and transformed it into the most comfortable Faux Fur Stool!


Faux Fur Stool, Delineate Your Dwelling

Note: No animals were hurt during the FAUX FUR stool making process.

Faux Fur, I bought mine at Jo Ann Fabrics
*High Density Foam
*Extra Loft Batting (not shown in picture)
Accent Table
*Staple Gun

faux fur stool supplies, Delineate Your Dwelling


1. The first step I took was removing the table top from the metal legs.  Then, I traced the table top onto my high density foam.

2. I roughly cut out the foam and lightly secured it to the table top with some hot glue.  This is purely meant to loosely hold the foam in place as I stapled on the batting and faux fur.

3. Next, cut the batting at least 4″-5″ larger than the circumference of your table top. This depends on how thick your foam is, my foam was 2″ and the table top was about 2″.  You want extra batting to be able to wrap around to the top after stapling.

4. Flip the table top over and cut any excess batting away from screw holes for the table legs.


faux fur stool steps, Delineate Your Dwelling

5. Next, cut the faux fur at least 5″-6″ larger than the circumference of your table top. This again depends on the thickness of all your layers.  Pull the faux fur snug around as you generously staple.

6. Screw the legs back onto the table.

Faux Fur foot stool, Delineate Your Dwelling

The final product is a cozy foot stool perfect for fall weather!

Faux Fur Stool legs

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