Top Instagram Pictures of 2016

I feel like I blinked and 2016 was over.  It’s such an old person thing to say, but time seriously just flies by!  With 2017 here, I wanted to take some time and give 2016 it’s due service.  This past year my love for Instagram has really grown.  Today I am sharing Top Instagram Pictures of 2016, selected and arranged by none other than you all!

Top Instagram Pictures of 2016, Delineate Your Dwelling


1 Succulent Wall Decor | 2 Thanksgiving Thanks | 3 Painted Watermelon Bags

4 Happy Valentine’s Day | 5 Easter Eggs | 6 Painted Watermelon Bags Part 2

7 I did not expect it to be this hard | 8 Boston Plant Shop | 9 Marbled Oreos

 10 Donut Ornament | 11 No PINK Pumpkins | 12 Friday!

13 Slower Christmas | 14 Can’t touch this | 15 Paper Cactus

1 Succulent Wall Decor : I love love that my sister made these gorgeous Succulent Wall hangings, I shared them and they became the most liked IG picture of my year!  #bigsisterpride

2 Thanksgiving Thanks : I created these air dry clay place card holders that also held a sprig of Rosemary for Design Sponge!

3 Painted Watermelon Bags : I created these cheerful watermelon bags and everyone went crazy for them… including Miss Martha Stewart!!  That was a fun day.

4 Happy Valentine’s Day : I had made these simple fringed hearts and shared them on Valentine’s day!

5 Easter Eggs : Target always brings it with their seasonal decor and their Easter Eggs are always my favorite!

6 Painted Watermelon Bags (part 2) : This was the day Miss Martha Stewart regramed my Watermelon Bags and I shared this pic… which you guys apparently also really loved!

7 I did not expect it to be this hard : My sweet friend, Mrs Emily sells these tees and it so described many of my days.  Hard is hard, but hard doesn’t always mean bad!

8 Boston Plant Shop : I’m a plant lover through and through and this little plant shop in Boston had to be documented!

9 Marbled Oreos : Wow.  As if Oreos could get any better… marble them.  Exceedingly simple and so so pretty!

10 Donut Ornament : I’m so glad you all love a donut as much as I do… because I actually bought a donut ornament.  I doesn’t taste very good but it sure looks fun.

11 No PINK Pumpkins: I was told there would be PINK pumpkins and I was disappointed over and over.  People say they are out there, but I’ve yet to find one.

12 Friday! : We made it to Friday and let’s celebrate with the world’s prettiest gummy bears!

13 Slower Christmas : I took huge strides to slow down this Christmas and that was reflected in my decor this year.

14 Can’t touch this : Sometimes you have to embrace a little hard and that’s what this free printable is all about!

15 Paper Cactus : You’ve always got to make room for paper cactus, I mean right?

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