Amazon now carries PLANTS!

Well it’s a happy day in the world of plant lovers like me.  Amazon now is carrying plants and although I would always pick buying plants locally over buying them on the internet… AMAZON NOW CARRIES PLANTS and I’m kinda excited about it.

My Favorite Amazon Plants, Delineate Your Dwelling

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From what I can tell they are now selling just about everything!  From trees, to succulents, to aquatic plants!  Now, I’ve not bought any of these from Amazon so I can’t vouch for their survivability, but I did some digging and am sharing a few of my very favorite Amazon plant finds below!

Olive Tree | Red Amaryllis | Fiddle Fig

Japanese Red Maple | Black Eyed Susan seeds | Bonsai Tree


Magnolia Tree | Split Leaf Philodendron | Meyer Lemon Tree

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