DIY Rhinestone Keychain

I love a good keychain and there can never be too many.  Now, I’m not a fan of a million little keychains all at once.  I like to have one, maybe two keys and one keychain – nice and simple.  But, I love being able to DIY new keychains to mix it the style!  Today I am sharing a fun take on a DIY Rhinestone Keychain.

DIY Monogram Rhinestone Keychain | @Delineateyourdwelling

To see the full supply list for this DIY, be sure to head to Oriental Trading’s blog.

DIY Monogram Rhinestone Keychain | @Delineateyourdwelling
This is a fun DIY because there are so many directions you could go with it.  You could do monograms on your keychain or just fun shapes.

DIY Monogram Rhinestone Keychain | @Delineateyourdwelling
And I had fun combining colors and patterns with my keychains… plus anytime you add a little rhinestone bling, it is always a good thing!

DIY Monogram Rhinestone Keychain | @Delineateyourdwelling

DIY Monogram Rhinestone Keychain | @Delineateyourdwelling


To see the full step by step tutorial for this colorful DIY Rhinestone Keychain, head to Oriental Trading’s blog.

And if you’re curious to check out all my Oriental Trading projects, head over here!
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