DIY Colorful Painted Lamp Shade

Land of Nod!  Today is the second of our 2015 Knock Out Knock Off challenge and we are being inspired by one of the coolest stores, Land of Nod.  I’ve been a huge fan for a while and today am excited to share my DIY Colorful Painted Lamp Shade inspired by one of their items.

DIY Colorful Painted Lampshade,

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You might be thinking, isn’t Land of Nod just a cool store for kids?  Well, yes and no.  They have stunning lamps, awesome artwork and amazing storage.  I would furnish my entire house there if I could afford it.  I actually pinned this Lamp Shade forever ago and when our knock out knock off challenge came up, I was thrilled to already know what I was going to make!

DIY Colorful Painted Lampshade,
I already owned the white lamp base from Target.  Then, I went to my local Goodwill and bought the white lamp shade for $7.    However, if you were to buy these two items new it would still cost quite a bit less than Land of Nod’s $49 price.

Acrylic Paint / Paint Brush / Lamp Shade

Colorful Painted Lampshade supplies

This could not be an easier project.  Color by color I added splots, lines and dots.

Sometimes it’s hard to be random and abstract but I had fun creating this whimsical pattern inspired by my Land of Nod shade.

Colorful Painted Lampshade steps
Color Painted Lampshade
 I love the contrast that the black adds against all the color.
Color Painted Lampshade closeup
 could not decide which lamp to put this on because it’s just so fun… so here are my two options!

Painted Lampshade

DIY Colorful Painted Lampshade,

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27 thoughts on “DIY Colorful Painted Lamp Shade

  1. Hi, I’m totally new to DIY and this will be my first project. I do have one question, does the shade have to be white? Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hello Frances, thanks for your question! No, the lampshade can be any color really. I would guess you would just need to use paint colors that would show up, but otherwise the sky is the limit! Good luck!

  2. It’s my first time reading your blog, after following a series of links that somehow landed me here. You’re DIY is alright, sure, the end result looks good – but it’s kind of insane that you didn’t acknowledge that this is another artists work (licensed by Land of Nod) that you just ripped off. Surprised that no one else has mentioned.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Victoria. Good eye! This lamp is actually inspired by Land of Nod as written in and linked to, in the original post. It’s part of a monthly series I participated in from last year. Thanks for chiming in!

    1. You’re too kind Carissa! I had to laugh out loud when I read your post description of my project. Ha…

        1. Oh, whoops! Just doubled checked it wasn’t you – no worries! Someone else wrote something about “just when I realized it was cool to remove the shade and leave the lamp wire exposed, I’m now wanting to keep the shade and paint it!” No need to worry, ha. Sorry. =)

  3. This is just amazing !
    I’d go with white – but I really do like the green too – I’d probably just change it every other day LOL
    Beautiful job!

    1. Thanks Gilly! I kept wanting to just go with the white base, but I loved the green so much that I couldn’t decide!

    1. Thanks girl! I just kept going back and forth on the lamp base… I ended up with white because it’s higher up on a shelf and my daughter just wants to keep touching the new colorful lampshade – ha.

  4. I fell in love with this lamp shade as soon as I saw it on their site, which may be because I sorta have an obsession with lamp shades, haha. I really didn’t need another shade but am soooooo happy that you did this project because I LOVE how it turned out! I’m going to keep this idea in my back pocket because you just never know when you may need another lamp shade….

    1. I like yours much better than the original too. But I thought almost everyone would say white for the base!! And that is definitely my vote. The green is cute, but the white has weight and a sophisticated style—more upscale maybe. The green seems outdated to me.

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