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how to seal saltillo tiles

Let's learn more about sealing Saltillo tiles and how to best do it yourself because these tiles really can bring such dimension, warmth and interest to your home!

What is Sealed Saltillo Tile?

Sealed Saltillo tile is a type of flooring made from clay, similar to terracotta that has been treated with a special sealant.  The sealant provides a layer of protection for the tile, making it more resistant to stains, moisture absorption and everyday wear and tear.  Unsealed Saltillo tiles, on the other hand, are porous and susceptible to staining and damage.

Best Sealer for Saltillo Tile

There isn’t one single “best” sealant for Saltillo tile. Here are the two most popular types: – Penetrating Sealers: These soak into the tile, creating a barrier that protects against stains and moisture without altering the tile’s look.  – Film Forming Sealers: These create a protective layer on the surface of the tile. They come in various finishes, like high-gloss or low-gloss.

How to seal Saltillo Tile

Sealing your Saltillo tiles is a crucial step to ensure their longevity and beauty. – Prepare Saltillo tilesSeal TilesCuring Tiles Head to blog for full Sealing Steps!

What are benefits to  sealing Saltillo Tile?

What are the benefits of sealing Saltillo tile? – Protects the tile from moisture, dirt, and stains – Enhances the natural beauty of the tile – Makes the tile easier to clean – Extends the life of the tile

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