Wall Hanging 


Delineate Your Dwelling

using a rug

– 3×5 Green Zora Rug – 4×6 Ivory Hester Area Rug – Carbo Titanium Scissors  – Hot Glue  – Olive Green Yarn – 20″ Pine Wood Slat board – Measuring tape – Scrap Cardboard


Using a measuring tape, mark out 20″ and cut the rug accordingly.


Place cardboard on a flat surface and tie a piece of string to a thumbtack and a pencil. Make sure your string measures 7.5″ so that the full circumference measures 15″.


Using a marker or colored pencil, trace your circle template three times on the backside of the rug and cut out.


Head to the blog post for the full tutorial on this beautiful rug wall hanging project!