DIY Garden Apron

INSIDE : Learn how to make a simple DIY Iron-On Garden Apron!

DIY Garden Apron final,
I decided to join in a Monthly Challenge hosted by  Somewhat Simple.  The first week’s challenge was to create an apron.  With the weather still plenty hot here in New Mexico, I thought I would take today’s DIY outside.  I am sharing an easy DIY Garden Apron.
Whenever I garden, I end up with dirt, pollen, and all kinds of other gooey things on my hands.  Somehow, it always ends up on my shirt… so this seemed like a perfect project for me!

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a pre-made apron, an adorable yellow and white striped flower and iron transfer herb prints.  I already had the white striped ribbon at home.

DIY Garden Apron steps

Next, I ironed on the patterns.  This iron transfer process took about 8 seconds and was so simple.
After getting the herbs on my apron, I attached the ribbon and flower.
DIY Garden Apron steps
 I then added just a little bit of a watercolor wash to a few of the letters and flowers.  It adds just a bit of color to the apron, which I love.
DIY Garden Apron flowers
DIY Garden Apron flower
And now it’s time to enjoy the garden!

9 thoughts on “DIY Garden Apron

    1. Thanks Alicia! I’m always out in the garden and this apron seemed like a perfect “stay clean” solution. I’ll be linking up to your party, thanks for the invite!


    1. Steph:

      Thank you for the apron love! So kind of you to offer a guest post on Somewhat Simple… I just might have to take you up on that!


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