So Excited Saturday

Happy weekend, friends!

There are various times throughout the month that I come across things that get me really excited and I want to run over to my phone and just text you all to share… but that would be a heck of a lot of texting.  Facebook is so unpredictable to get the message out anymore, so I’ve decided every so often to post a “So excited Saturday” where I share products I’m really excited about, books I’m into, recipes that make my mouth water or anything else that  I think you’ve got to check out!so excited SaturdayThis post may contain affiliate links.  See full disclosure here.

Let’s get at it.

Oh Joy just launched another line at Target and boy oh boy, is it cute!!  This time it’s home decor and my heart is swooning for this table, these wall decals and if I had another baby, I would need this Diaper Bag pronto.

Have you guys seen the Home Decor Lightbox trend popping up all over?  I just saw Heidi Swapp is selling an awesome Marquee Lightbox but everywhere I look they are sold out.  However, I saw if you order one on Amazon (they are currently sold out) they will email you with an estimated delivery time and you are only charged once they ship it.  Then you can buy these adorable Word Strips or even individual letters!  I put them all on my Amazon Wishlist.

Big news, my entire life I’ve gone for very neutral makeup.  A shimmery brown or barely there lipstick or lip gloss are all my lips have ever known… until this year.  Something changed and I went from hardly any lip color to straight up COLOR full force.  And it’s been surprising how many complements I’ve received.  I think a bold raspberry lip is on trend and I didn’t even know it.  This has been my go-to lipstick.  I don’t need fancy brands, just something that works.

Otherwise, I’ve been listening to this Reggae cover of Adele’s Hello song.  As if Adele’s song could get more stuck in my head… now I’m swinging and swayin’ Reggae style to it.

Okay, that’s all for now.  Just a little bit of what I’m crushing on this Saturday.  Hope you guys are doing well and let me know what you’re excited about this Saturday in the comments below!

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