the REAL delineate

For a long time I have felt uncomfortable about potentially giving off the impression that my home or my everyday life looks like the pictures in my posts.  I have two energetic young kiddos and we are messy most of the time.  We are living here… it’s certainly not perfect.

Typically I clear away a lovely little 4′ x 4′ space and stage the most beautiful (AND CLEAN) little spot for my blog pictures.  Ready?  No more pretending, this is a quick glimpse into how it is really going down in my house.

I plan to occasionally share the “behind the scenes”, as well as #projectFAIL photos here.  It’s just the crazy normal life behind the camera!

Enjoy my mess, friends.

amy surprise

Geometric Tote: As seen on NoBiggie contributor post. I searched the house and found ONE random nail in my guest room / office to hang this tote for the pictures.  You would have never known that there was random junk all over the bed!

 Apricot Jam: I cleared away a spot in my kitchen where my laptop normally sits.  The lighting was great and you never knew I had clothes piled up and an ironing board, stool and all kinds of random things sitting around.

Copper Pipe Shelves: The pictures look so crisp, clean and white.  When I take a step back, you can see I’m crafting on a piece of cardboard on the floor with toys and kiddo #1 all around.
Bean Pumpkin: Light and airy photos… really taken with messes moved in the only spot I could find with some natural light.
Green Beaded Wreath: I made the entire wreath sitting on a chair surrounded by toys and random life.  It’s so so easy to create a clean white look, you never know whats sitting just outside the camera lens!
Fabric Painted Clutch: This was a project fail twice before I finally decided upon a less tacky look.
First, I painstakingly taped over three flowers in the pattern of the fabric, spray painted over it and removed the tape.  I thought it was going to be much more of a WOW factor, uh?  Then, I thought maybe adding a bold geometric pattern over top with just a little bit of the flowers showing would be a perfect soft and hard combination… ended up being a perfect combination of ugly.  #projectFAIL Thankfully, third times the charm, head over to see the end result!
REAL delineate clutch fail
Spritz Cookies, a Christmas Tradition: I am not a fancy baker and even more than not being a fancy baker, I am NOT a fancy baking decorator.  I can’t decorate a cake to save my life and clearly I can hardly handle frosting cookies either.   Eeks.  Somehow I thought “drizzling” the frosting would look much better than it turned out!
the REAL Spritz Cookies,
How to update a Glass Base Lamp: Oh my word, this was SUCH a simple and easy project but somehow I managed to create a lot of mess all around while doing it!  Maybe because halfway through it, I decided to clean out a kitchen cabinet.  Great thinking, huh.
Updated Glass Lamp REAL DYD
Easy Art in 1.2.3 : Abstract Diamonds : Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what about when the art goes terribly wrong… TWICE?  My first attempt of this month’s easy art was a BIG pinterest fail.  As in, it 100% didn’t work.  You were supposed to wet tissue paper and put in on a canvas.  After it was dry, I pulled up and there was nothing.  No color, no pattern.  Nothing!  My second attempt was a similar look but with random painted circles… it turned out pretty random alright!
Abstract Art

How to Make Inexpensive CLAY KNOBS! : The sun was starting to set and I searched the house for the best natural light to stage and photograph my new Clay knobs.  And the best spot was on the trash can by our sliding glass door.  Sometimes, I can’t believe how easy it would be for you to think I’ve got it all together.  People.  I took these lovely photos sitting on top of a trash can!  Keeping it real.Clay Knobs
How to Update an Old Tree Stump Table : I had the HARDEST time deciding what to paint this table.  I started off thinking gold all around.  Then, decided to try a white edge and natural legs and table top but didn’t like it.  Then, I thought this table would look so stunning with a gold edge and white legs, but the gold color seemed to really clash with the orangey top.  So, then I let it dry and then tried a black edge.  That was way way worse!  So then I had to do a primer spray paint over the intense black and then went back to the original white.  This simple little project turned into five different paint combinations before I was happy with it, oy.Tree Stump Table

Keep checking back for more awesome mess!

And now I’m on Snapchat sharing real time, REAL delineate… it’s a hot mess most of the time.  So be sure to follow along – – – > delineateyrdwel

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12 thoughts on “the REAL delineate

  1. I just had the Pinterest fail you did with the tissue paper. Turns out there is special tissue called bleeding art tissue that you need for it to color the canvas….and I can’t get any locally. Thanks Pinterest lol

    1. Yes! Someone else understands my pain! Oh pinterest, why do you leave out those details! 😉

  2. Your clay knobs tutorial is one of my favourites (and I loved your photos of it as well), so it’s absolutely hilarious to see where you photographed it! I never would have known!

  3. As I’m fairly new to the blogging and picture-taking thing, I SOOOO appreciate this post. I always wondered how everyone else seemed to be producing gorgeous photos so effortlessly! Now I know it’s not so easy for anyone. I will say that the picture-perfect posts do inspire me to make things as beautiful as they can be though! Now I just won’t think I’m nuts for doing weird things to make them look perfect;)

    1. Emily, thank you so much for commenting! I love blogging but it can be so discouraging when everyone is so easily working away with no hiccups. But you are right, it’s just not the case… many of us are mamas, working full time jobs and just doing what we can. Keep it up, Emily! It’s get easier as you go.

  4. Haha. Just a few days ago I was frantically searching over the house for a lone nail on a wall with good light cause I am so tired of patching holes! And one of my best lighting spots happens to be on top of our recycle bin. I don’t think I’ll ever have it together. Thanks for sharing and keeping it real!

    1. Yay for pictures over trash! Ha. I love sharing the craziness of blogging. No one has it all together, not the least of us bloggers! Thanks for your comment, Jennifer!!

  5. You’re honesty and authenticity are beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for keeping it real! It’s helps to know I’m not the only one out there.

    1. Yay! I love when people comment on my “REAL delineate” page! Let’s all share our messes, I say!! =)

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