Over the last 12+ year’s we’ve been married, my husband and I have lived in the Southwest, we moved to the Midwest for a few short years and now we are back in the Southwest again!  You can see that my personal style has slowly changed over time and with each passing year, I feel like I am honing in on it a little better.

I am on a journey to create a home that feels fully like us and yet still nods to the desert life.

How to create a MODERN SOUTHWEST home (our current home):

LIVING ROOM (our current home):
SHOP our living room – 

DIY Large Scale Artwork | Disco Balls in our everyday decor | Gorgeous Gray Burrow Sofa

DINING ROOM (our current home):
SHOP our dining room –

Modern Southwest Dining Room | Mix and Match Artwork | Creating a Wallpaper look without Wallpaper

OFFICE / GUEST ROOM (our current home):
SHOP my office / guest room – 

How to make a creative Gallery Wall | Brushstroke Painted Wall | Interior Paint Sprayer

MODERN MASTER BEDROOM (old old house):
SHOP our master bedroom –

CRAFT ROOM (rental house):

LIVING ROOM (rental house):

GUEST ROOM + OFFICE (old old house):

KITCHEN (old old house):

BIG GIRL’S BEDROOM (rental house):

FRONT STOOP (rental house):

KID’S SHARED BEDROOM (old old house):





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