July 2016 Digital Hand lettered Calendar

Hello to the heat of summer!  It feels like July has been here for a few months, with the 90+ temperate days, but as much as we can hardly believe it or not… summer is just getting started.  Therefore with July just a few days away, it is time for my FREE  July 2016 Digital Hand lettered Calendar!

UPDATE!! 2018’s Hand Lettered Calendar is now available for download!

2016 JULY Digital Calendars, Delineate Your Dwelling

My paper 2016 Hand Lettered calendar has been downloaded over 124,00 times, which completely blows my mind.  Thank you all for loving it as much as I have!  And as a result of all those downloads, if you love the digital version, the paper is the same exact design… so pop over and check it out!

I’ve had numerous people email and ask what font I used for the hand lettered portion of the calendar.  I’m sorry (and honored) to disappoint, but it is my very own hand writing – no computer script fonts involved for the paper or digital versions.

I have two different digital styles available for you to pick from.  There is a black and white version available, shown below on the iPad image.  And there is a second style, which is a minimalist color version.  It is shown below on the iPhone and desktop images.

July-2016-calendar FREE DOWNLOAD July-2016-calendar-desktopCOLOR
Each month I like to mix it up.  I will do April in color and then May in black and white.  I’m crazy like that.  Which do you like best?

2016 JULY Digital Calendars, Delineate Your Dwelling
Now, onto the downloads!!  See the below links for all the various downloadable sizes and colors.

Please note when setting your images to your iPhone or iPad, you need to center the month BELOW the clock located near the top of your screen.

> > > > Color Options:  iPhone | iPad | Desktop

> > > > Black and White Options: iPhone | iPad | Desktop


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