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It’s no secret that I am Target crazed.  We are lucky (unlucky for the hubs) that a Target store is a ten minute drive from my house.  I made a stop this morning for some ever important apple sauce for my children and had to do a quick walk through… of course.

Friends, whether they are stocking for Christmas time, Spring or Summer I always know there will be some great finds.  GUESS WHAT ELSE!  Right now, but for a limited time only has FREE shipping on ALL items.  For those who don’t have a Target a few blocks away, this is my public service announcement gift to you! So start your shopping with

Ready for some of my favorite Target items?  Let’s go shopping together.

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Shopping with –

Favorite Target Throw pillows:

Throw Pillows really can make a space.  They can bring color, pattern and even texture to a room in a simple way that not many other home decor items can.  Here a few pillows I especially am loving.


Favorite Target Fake Plants:

Faux Plants are the newest trend and although I am the biggest plant lover, I don’t mind mixing in a few fake plants right along side my real beauties.  

Have you jumped on the Copper Mug trend yet?  If not, time to make your first Moscow Mule in this super adorable mug.  Did you know the copper is supposed to enhance the drink?  Fancy,  I know. Here are a few of my favorite Copper Mugs that Target has right now.  

If you are hosting a party soon, then you know how important Beverage Dispensers from Target can be!  I have two large Target Drink dispensers with a simple wooden top and not only are they so helpful to ease the hassle of making drinks one at a time, but they are a gorgeous decor piece you can set out and display during the party!  Here are my favorites.


If throw pillows can really make a space pop, I have to say the same thing for throw blankets!  Check out some of the perfect blankets Target has right now.


Ah, #Targetdoesitagain.


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  1. I’m in so much love. I go to Target for virtually everything. My store is usually behind the times when it comes to bringing out new product, so hopefully all these lovelies will be in my store soon!

    1. Erica, my stores are normally behind too but sometimes out of no where they break out stuff on time! Yay!!

  2. Free shipping? That is terrific to know. Our Target is downtown, where you have to park in a garage and pay for parking and its just, well, difficult. But I will hop online today because I really like the store. I think almost anyone can use an extra throw — think that’s my favorite!

    1. I know I could shop at Target for nearly 98% of my needs, so free shipping sounds great to me, too! Thanks for stopping by, Seana.

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