Hilariously Awesome Valentine’s Day cards

I love Valentine’s day and all the love and the hearts and the mush… but sometimes you just need to take the holiday for what it is – a card giving holiday.  I have started seeing the best cards being sold on Etsy and after just laughing my way through TONS of them, I decided they needed to be shared.  Plus, I love supporting Etsy sellers when I can. Check out these Hilariously Awesome Valentine’s Day cards!!

Valentine's Day Card Roundup, Delineate Your Dwelling

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I just loved these cards.  They are all available on Etsy from various sellers.  I might have bought a few of them to save for many Valentine’s Days to come! HA.

Swipe Right
I’m glad I swiped right for you.
Swipe Right, Valentine's Day Card

Hopped up on you.
I’m hopped up on you.
Hopped up on you, Valentine's Day Card

Love you more than guac.
I love you more than Guac.
More than guac, Valentine's Day Card

You’re doing it wrong.
You’re doing it wrong, but I love you anyway.
Youre doing it wrong, Valentine's Day card
I still love you.
I still love you
Dishes, Valentine's Day cards

Flippin love you.
I flippin’ love you.
Flippin love you, Valentine's Day cards
Always on my Mind.
You’re kinda, sorta, pretty much, basically, always on my mind.
Always on my mind, Valentine's day cards

You are the perfect Spooning Partner
Spooning, Valentine's Day card

You’re still okay.
You’re still okay.
Youre still okay, Valentine's Day card

Up 1
My heart goes +1 Up
Heart goes up 1, Valentine's Day card

King of my Heart
King of My Heart
King of my Heart, Valentine's Day cards

Overeating with you.
I love overeating with you.
Overeating with you, Valentine's Day card

And you can check out my Valentine’s Day prints available on Etsy, here.

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